Louis Faking-Harry Finds Out

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This story is a request for both ziamgc and lililambert .  They requested something similar, one a little more in depth, so I decided to combine them.

Word Count: 3,609

Louis wasn't looking forward to the interview that morning. The boys had been so busy lately, always on-the-go that he just couldn't be bothered to do one more blasted thing. And interviews were always the worst. They're always prying into your personal life, digging where they don't belong. He'd had enough for a while.

He figured he'd play sick that morning and pretend to be better by night so he'd still go to the concert that evening. He wasn't that heartless.

He heard Harry stir beside him, so he knew the time was now. ''Harry, I don't feel good,'' he said in his best sickly-sounding voice. ''I don't think I can go to the interview.''

''Aw, babe, what's the matter?" Harry asked sympathetically.

Louis looked into his eyes, which were full of concern and worry. Could he really do this to him? Lie? His head said yes but his heart said no. Oh, forget the heart. He was tired. Run-down. Yes, he could. He wasn't proud of it, but his head was going to win this round.

''My throat hurts and I have a headache, and I just feel really crappy,'' Louis said.

''Oh, Lou,'' Harry said softly, reaching over to stroke the boy's hair. ''You don't have to go. I'll explain it all to management. Can I get you some tea?"

''Yeah, thanks,'' Louis said, watching Harry leave the room. Louis lay there in silence, a grin spreading upon his lips. He shouldn't be enjoying this. He shouldn't, but he was.

Harry returned minutes later with a steaming hot cuppa, with just a touch of sugar, just how he liked it. ''Here you go, Lou. Brought you some medicine, too.'' He overturned his hand holding the pills and dropped them in Louis's hand.

Louis placed them on the bed beside him, telling Harry he'd take them once the tea has cooled off.

Harry got himself ready for the interview while Louis relaxed, his mug keeping his hands warm.

''I've got some time to kill before I have to go,'' Harry said, slipping himself back into bed and putting an arm around Louis. ''You still feeling bad?"

''Yeah, '' Louis replied after swallowing another sip of the sweet liquid. ''And I've got a stomachache, too.'' He thought of that one spontaneously. He thought he might as well play this up because he liked the attention and the look of concern he earned from Harry.

''Aw, love. Come here. I'll make you feel better,'' Harry said, pulling the lad into his lap so Louis's head layed against Harry's chest.

Harry began gently massaging Louis's stomach, applying pressure in response to Louis's moans. His hands moved around the whole area of this stomach, gently kneading and pressing and eventually ending with soft, calming circles. Louis closed his eyes, enjoying every second of this intimate contact.

''You doing okay, babe?" Harry asked, realizing he hadn't beard a peep out of him in a while now.

Louis was brought out of his stupor once he realized Harry was talking to him. ''Oh, mm, yeah, I'm ok.'' He must've zoned out a bit, enjoying Harry's warm touch.

''Anything else bothering you?" Harry asked, running his hands up and down Louis's arms. Just then, Louis's stomach growled. Why did that have to happen right now?

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