Food Poisoning-Louis

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This is a request from thefurryturtle14 . Hope it's what you wanted and hope everyone enjoys it!

The boys were in Africa for the day, spending some time with the little kids. The children were so excited to see them. They were showered with so much attention. Harry had one of the little boys on his lap, bouncing him on his knee. The boy was laughing and giggling and holding on really right, trying to stay on.

Louis looked on at Harry and smiled. He loved how much Harry loved children. He hoped that they could adopt kids one day. It was something they both hoped for in their future. Harry caught Louis staring and gave him a shy grin.

The day was hot and humid, their t-shirts soaked under their arms from the heat. Louis couldn't wait to get back to the UK so he could take a shower. Harry stopped bouncing the boy to wipe the sweat from his forehead with his forearm. They were sitting under the shade under a pavilion, but the heat was still sweltering, nonetheless.

They were there on a charity event. The boys' shirts that they wore on the trip were going to be auctioned off, and the Youtube video that would be later posted of the visit would accrue much needed revenue that would be donated to this poverty-stricken area.

It was almost time to be heading back onto their private plane to return to London. As Louis was watching Harry, he felt a little hand enclose around his. A little girl, about three years old, met his eyes. ''Hi, love," he said to her sweetly. He crouched down to get on her level. ''How are you little one?"

She squealed and giggled coyly. She was a shy one, he knew. But she seemed to take to Louis best out of all of the boys. Her mother was there, just a few feet away. She glanced up at Louis before getting up to go into her home. She returned after a minute with what looked like a plate of sausage. ''This. For you," she said to Louis, offering him the piece of meat.

Louis glanced at the meat and said, ''No, that's okay." It looked pretty unappetizing and he didn't know how sanitary food could possibly be here. Management had told them not to eat anything while they were out here, too.

''No, please. My daughter. You so nice, please eat!" she demanded, placing the plate in his face. She was so pleased with how her daughter took to Louis and how well he took to her, that she wanted to show him her appreciation.

Louis knew this woman only meant well. He also knew that it was very offensive to not take what was offered. Begrudgingly, Louis lifted the sausage off the plate and took a small bite. It actually wasn't bad. She watched his face in anticipation, looking for signs of approval. Louis smiled. "Good. It's good, thank you."

She placed her hand to her chest, obviously proud. ''No, thank you'' she said before scurrying off, a huge grin displaying on her face. Louis was glad he was the reason for her current state of happiness.

''Come on, boys! Time to go!" Paul called after them. The boys said their goodbyes while the children waved them off, shouting their names and some jumping up and down from the excitement of it all.

The boys boarded the plane, grateful for the air conditioning hitting them in the face upon embarking. It was going to be a long plane ride. The boys got comfortable, taking off their shoes and put in their ear buds. Niall stared out the window, enjoying the view from high in the air.

When they had only about an hour left before arrival, Louis noticed that his stomach felt sick. He began having awful cramps and felt like he was running a fever. He moaned and held his hand on his stomach.

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