Love Sick (Harry)

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You know how Directioners say they wanna braid Harry's hair and just talk about Louis all day?  Well, that was my inspiration for this story.  Hope you like it.

Harry sat alone on the couch, notknowing what to do with himself. He didn't know he would be thisdepressed. Louis had left him that morning for an urgent familymatter and wouldn't be back for several days.

''It's only four days, Haz," he toldhim, cupping Harry's chin with his hand. He kissed him sweetly onthe lips. ''You can call me anytime."

"I'm gonna miss you, Lou," hewhispered, a tear falling from his cheek.

Louis wiped away the tear gently withhis thumb. ''You'll be okay. I love you." he said, stepping outthe door to walk over to his car.

"Love you, too," he frowned,watching him walk away from the doorway.

Louis couldn't bear to see hisboyfriend like this, but he had to go. Management wouldn't let Louisbring Harry along, as much as he put up a fight about it. And heknew that the more they fought it, the more management fought back. So they had to be careful.


My P.O.V. (Cassie, Harry's friend)

I was sitting at home in my apartmentwatching the telly when my cellphone rang. ''Hello?" I answered onthe second ring.

''Cassie, can you come over?" said asad, but familiar voice. It was Harry Styles. "I'm really missingLou tonight. I could use your company," he said. He explained toher that he would be gone for a few days and he was having a hardtime.

''Of course, Harry. I'll be over in 15minutes," I said. I had been friends with Harry since middleschool. We used to talk about boys together since Harry also enjoyedthat kind of thing. Girls loved him for that.

Harry knew that I used to have a crushon Louis before I knew that Louis didn't like girls. So he and Isometimes chatted about Louis together. He knew I would never stealLou away from him, and sometimes Harry needed a girl to talk to. Andthis was one of those nights.

I arrived at his house with Harrylooking like crap. He just looked so upset and his face was stainedwith dried up tears, his eyes red and puffy. ''Oh, Harry, you lookawful," I said, giving him a hug.

''I know. I bet I do," he replied,ushering me in the house.

"So you wanna talk?" I asked. Icould secretly talk about Louis all day, so I was glad when he saidyes. We both climbed onto Harry's queen-sized bed. Harry curled upinto a fetal position.

I thought I should try to get him tosmile, so I thought of a funny memory to get him laugh. "Hey,Harry. Remember that one time when it was Louis's birthday and beforehe went to blow out the candles, you smashed the cake in his face?"

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