One Direction Preferences by spiritualsvt
One Direction Preferencesby ˗ˏˋ 𝒋𝒐𝒍𝒊 ˎˊ˗
[ C O M P L E T E ] I saw these on different websites and Tumblr and I decided to add them for you, readers :) (NOT ALL MINE!!!!!!!) Enjoy :) x
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One Direction Preferences by Summer143
One Direction Preferencesby Summer
I DO NOT OWN/MADE SOME OF THESE PREFERENCES I FIND THEM ON TUMBLR/WATTPAD I decided to find alot of preferences and put them in one big book
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Pride {l.s.} by raindropkiss1
Pride {l.s.}by Claire Marie
Louis Tomlinson has tried so hard to not be who he really is. He has worked for years to not be a person that people don't accept. The walls he built are slowly torn dow...
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My 5 Dominant Boyfriends by niallerscraziestmofo
My 5 Dominant Boyfriendsby niallerscraziestmofo
A boy dating 5 guys isn't a slut, he is a directioner Louis is a young submissive who catches the eyes of 5 wealthy mafia bosses called Niall, Liam, Edward, Zayn and Har...
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One Direction Pregnancy Series by NARRY9493
One Direction Pregnancy Seriesby NARRY9493
One Direction Pregnancy Series
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When the bartender met the alpha triplets by Tattoolwt
When the bartender met the alpha Tattoolwt
As cliché as it might sound, it all changed when he met them. A Styles triplets A/B/O story
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Harry Styles Imagines by evaoli
Harry Styles Imaginesby evaoli
Harry Styles Imagines. Often Domestic/Fluffy Harry.
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Predicaments of a Schoolgirl by BlankSpacesOfTime
Predicaments of a Schoolgirlby Anne
A future Duchess finds herself bent over her teacher's desk much too often after she breaks the boarding school's overly strict rules repeatedly. Her powerful mother sen...
  • niall
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INSTAGRAM | H.S by littleworldoffandoms
@harrystyles liked your post. @harrystyles commented your post. Imagine the story you manage to tell with a few pictures and a caption.. 09/03/18 - 24/08/18 Please engag...
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My Little Stripper [l.s.] by xlivinglikelarryx
My Little Stripper [l.s.]by Larry?
Louis gets asked to work at the biggest strip company in London owned by Harry Styles, things get heated pretty quickly but will it all work out? Having a relationship w...
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Stepdaddy Styles ✔️ (H.S) by mrstylesbaby
Stepdaddy Styles ✔️ (H.S)by LaurenTaylor
EDITING. BOOK1: Sure, it's cliché as hell in the beginning. Just wait until the end. Started: 28th May 2018 Completed: 20th Septemper 2018
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The Cheerleader And The Cage Fighter.... Are Dance Partners? by princess_rose
The Cheerleader And The Cage Gem
Kaydie Smithson is that girl that everybody thinks is perfect, she's the cheerleader captain and comes from a wealthy family. Liam is a cage fighter who is seen as a bad...
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The Vow [h.s.] by narrygoals
The Vow [h.s.]by byeharold
"Tell me," he whispered lightly stroking my back. "Please don't marry her..." my words barely audible. He pulls me away from his embrace so he could...
  • teen
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  • romance
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Don't Ask  by Yoka_payne
Don't Ask by آيـــة ✨
" لأخر مره أكرر سؤالي ، من انتِ ؟ " سأل زين مجدداً بنفاذ صبر وهو ينظر لها .. ذلك الصمت من جديد ، نظراتها له الثابته غير مهتزه بصراخه و لعنه ، وكأنها توقفت عن...
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summit ✽ h.s by lucstyles
summit ✽ h.sby Lucy
it was just a simple hike, emma never expected to run into harry styles. - harry is famous in this story- © lucstyles 2015 All Rights Reserved. gorgeous cover by @Jewlez
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Louis' Possessive Vampire Mate (LS) by niallerscraziestmofo
Louis' Possessive Vampire Mate (LS)by niallerscraziestmofo
COMPLETED: Louis thought Harry Styles was the man of the dreams. Harry was favourite boy band member. Louis gets his dream of meeting him: Great? Nope....not when your...
  • larry
  • fluff
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Little Omega (Zianourry fanfic) by FemaleBoss69
Little Omega (Zianourry fanfic)by FemaleBoss69
Zayn, a shy soft omega alone in a rough life. Except he won't be alone for long. He's their little omega after all...
  • liam
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-One Direction Preferences- by MelissaWildd
-One Direction Preferences-by Melissa Wild
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Teen Wolf Imagines by teenwolfrunner
Teen Wolf Imaginesby Veronica Lodge
This is a completed collection of Teen Wolf Imagines.
  • stilinkski
  • martin
  • derek
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Teen wolf imagines by KattWrites
Teen wolf imaginesby K A T I E
Teen Wolf Imagines! [#5 in FanFiction, 21/10/16]
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