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They'd only been twenty minutes into the trip to their new destination for the tour, and Louis's body just wasn't having it. The boys were in their seats, all but Harry having their earbuds in listening to music. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to be watching the scenery go by out the window. It was going to be a long four-hour trip for Louis. He silently cursed his bad luck of having travel-sickness since he was a young lad.

He was already starting to feel nauseous. He curled up in to a fetal position and slowly lay himself down on his side. It helped some, but the roads were really bumpy and winding. He felt every movement of the bus. He closed his eyes, hoping he wouldn't have to throw up anytime soon. He managed to go another five minutes curled up in the seat, and then the roads became even more hilly and he felt his stomach turn.

This was it. He jerked himself out of the seat and ran for the bathroom. He steadied himself, squatting on the floor, his head hovering above the toilet bowl. The bus lurched again and he was left to throwing his guts up, once, twice, three times. It was bad enough that he had motion sickness, but today was even worse because of the rolling hills of Kansas.

He was breathing heavily now, still facing the toilet and on his knees. His hands and body were sweating. He would just have to wait this out for a bit. The bus jerked and he jumped, shifting himself a few inches, causing him to bang his head against the wall. He rubbed it out and grimaced. The nausea returned and he threw up a fourth time. He got up to wash him mouth out, and there was a knock at the door.

"Yeah?" Louis said weakly.

"Hurry up in there. I gotta go!" It was Liam. Louis looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. He couldn't stay in the bathroom all day. He opened the door and Liam ran right passed him, shutting the door quickly. Guess he really had to go.

Louis didn't have the energy to go back to his seat. He held onto the wall as he let himself down on the floor. He decided he'd camp outside of the bathroom until Liam came out. Hopefully he wouldn't throw up on the floor. Hopefully. He heard the toilet flush and the water turned on. He was rubbing at his head as he felt the start of a headache, when Liam opened the door and stepped out. He wasn't looking where he was going and he tripped over the sick boy, falling down next to him.

"Whoa!" he yelled. "Louis! What the heck are you doing on the floor? Did you fall over or something?" Liam said in confusion. He knew how shaky the bus ride was so this was likely.

Louis propped himself up on an elbow. "No." He rubbed at his aching head again. "I'm travel-sick."

They heard voices and heavy footsteps running towards their way. "Guys, what's going on?" both Harry and Niall yelled.

They arrived at the same time, looking down at the two of them still on the floor. "What is this? A camping party I wasn't invited to?" Niall asked. The bus bounced again and Niall and Harry grabbed onto the nearest thing to steady themselves.

"Ugghh," Louis let out, cringing at what the bumps did to his well-being. "I need the bathroom!"

"What's wrong--?" Harry started. He saw Liam lift Louis and drag him to the toilet. And then it clicked. He must be sick from the bus ride. He hadn't seen Louis this sick in a long time. Usually he wasn't this bad, but the roads this time were terrible. He helped Liam get Louis to the bathroom and Louis threw up the second his head was over the toilet. "Oh, poor baby."

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