Both Sick, Louis gets Laryngitis

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Sorry it's been a while.  I'm working on other things right now, so I'm posting this one I wrote a year ago. 

Words: 2,147

Louis laid in bed in the early morning, glancing at the clock. Five more minutes of sleep, he thought. At least he didn't have to get up that very second. He looked over at Harry and thought he would snuggle up to him while he had the chance. He put his arm around his sleeping frame and winced, startled by how hot Harry felt to the touch.

His shirt was damp, moistened from the sweat coming off of Harry's poor body. ''Harry,'' Louis whispered, afraid to have to awaken the boy. Harry stirred a little but didn't say anything. ''Harry, wake up. Are you okay, love?"

Harry rolled over onto his back and sleepily opened up his eyes slowly. Once he was alert and aware of things, he let out a little moan. ''I feel sick,'' he complained.

That's just great, Louis thought. He's sick, and I have a cold. Perfect.

''Do you think you need to throw up?" Louis asked, moving a damp curl from Harry's sweaty forehead.

''Mm-mm'' he said, shaking his head. ''I feel feverish and I have a headache,'' he said, placing a hand to his temple before cringing.

''Sorry, babe. I'll tell management you're not feeling good." Louis sent them a text and then gave Harry some pain relievers, in which Harry took eagerly. Louis popped a few decongestant pills himself because of his stuffy nose and sore throat.

Minutes later, a text was sent back to Louis saying that Harry must be in attendance and that he can't stay home. As much as they both hated the news, they knew better than to go against management.

Harry and Louis both shared the bathroom as they got ready for the day, Harry moving around extra slowly. It was a hot summer's day, but Harry insisted upon wearing his gray hoodie because the fever was making him feel chilled. Louis brought along a short sleeved shirt for him just in case he needed to change later.

They arrived at the mall for a one-hour mini concert. Harry sang his solos, but he looked pretty worn out. Sweat was glistening off his face, yet he refused to take off his hoodie.

''Are you sure you're not hot? I brought you a t-shirt to change into,'' Louis told him between songs. He coughed into his shoulder, his throat feeling a bit raw.

''No,'' Harry answered, tiredly. ''I'm freezing as it is,'' he said, rubbing his arms. His eyes were tired and puffy. He had no energy whatsoever. He sat down as much as he could until management got on his case about it.

Halfway through singing ''Story of my Life,'' Harry's stomach got a little queasy. He wasn't sure if he would be able to continue the song. He looked over at Louis with a pained expression. He didn't know what else to do. Harry ran off the stage in the middle of his solo to puke in a toilet. Luckily, they were just around the corner, so he didn't have to go very far.

Louis wasn't allowed to go chase after him, but they did take a five-minute break right after that song to go check up on Harry. Harry was still throwing up when the boys arrived in the bathroom.

''I'm sorry you're sick,'' Niall said, placing a hand on Harry's back. Harry just nodded before washing his mouth out in the sink.

''Sorry 'bout that guys. Didn't mean to ruin the show,'' Harry said, wiping his mouth with a paper towel.

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