Louis's Sick on Christmas

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This is for rapid34 .   You should read this next to a warm fire and a mug of hot chocolate.  ;) 

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"Aw, Harry, why do you have to go?" Louis whined, his face pressed against Harry's chest while Harry hugged him tightly.

"You know how it is. I don't want to go any more than you do." Harry pulled back, revealing his grumpy-faced new boyfriend. They had been dating for only a few weeks, and X-factor was allowing the contestants to go home for Christmas. Harry's parents wanted Harry home, and they thought it was too soon in Harry's and Louis's relationship to bring Louis home for Christmas.

Harry, however, felt that five weeks dating his boyfriend was a sufficient amount of time to say that Louis could go see him for Christmas, but his parents weren't allowing it. You hardly know him, they said. He needs to see his own family for Christmas. He's been away for X-Factor for so long I'm sure his family misses him.

While these things were true, Harry wasn't happy about it, but he knew he had to obey his parents' wishes. He was, unfortunately, still sixteen and still under his parent's rule.

Harry and Louis picked up their backpacks and their carry-on luggage and were about to go their separate ways. They had flights to go home today, but on different planes. Harry was actually going to be having Christmas at a distant relative's house, which meant a two-hour flight to get there. He would be meeting his parents and Gemma over there tonight.

"I'm gonna miss you," Harry said, his eyes shiny with tears.

"Me, too. I'll call you, okay?" Louis said, stroking Harry's cheek with his thumb.


They hesitantly turned around, breaking apart to go to their gates, glancing at each other until they were out of sight.

Louis's flight was only 40 minutes, and he was able take a nap before the stewardess woke him up, asking if he wanted any refreshment.

"I'll take an apple juice, please," he said. She poured him a cup and he accepted it graciously. He drank down half of it before feeling a little strange. He blamed it on all the sugar and candy he'd been eating this holiday season. The X-Factor producers set out a bowl full of chocolates and candies on top of the dining room table, and he had devoured probably a little more than he should've the last couple days.

He set aside the juice and threw it away once the stewardess came back around. He closed his eyes again until the pilot announced they were coming in for a landing. He stowed his tray and put away his earbuds into his pocket, looking out the window as they descended.

When it came to a complete stop and the fasten seatbelt signs turned off, he stood up to grab his luggage. Again, this weird feeling came upon him. His body felt weighed down and slightly nauseous. He sat down on the arm rest while the people in front of the plane got off, hoping to feel better. It did help a little, but something just didn't feel right.

He managed to walk to the luggage claim and he was met by his parents and sister, Lottie.

"Can't believe you're home, love!" his mother said, pulling him into a hug. "We missed you."

"Good to be back. Hey Lottie, dad," he said, and he took turns hugging them all.

"So when do we get to meet the boyfriend?" Lottie asked with raised eyebrows.

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