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Hey everyone!  This is a request by JuliaAlencar4.  Hope you enjoy it!!

''Hey, Lou, what do you think about this one?" Harry asked, holding up a stylish, white t-shirt. The boys were shopping together during their free time before their concert that night.

Louis, who had his head down low, looked up at the mention of his name. He grimaced and said, "Yeah, nice. Get that one."

''You okay, Louis? Still have the headache?" Harry asked, letting his arms fall. Louis told him that afternoon that his head was hurting and Harry had given him some pain medication. Apparently it wasn't working.

''Yeah, hurts worse now. The lights in this store are so bright and it's really messing with my head," he frowned, rubbing his temples.

Just then, Niall and Liam joined them, hands full of clothes. They noticed Louis's distress and both said at once, "What's wrong with Louis?"

''Headache," Harry replied.

'Well, why don't we get him some Excedrin down that aisle over there?" gestured Niall to his right, arms loaded with jeans and t-shirts.

''I'll go get it, and you two can go check out," Harry said. ''Come on, Lou."

They walked over to the medication aisle, Louis looking like he was sick. He looked down at the floor, his eyes squinting. Harry looked at him and frowned. It hurt him to see Louis in so much pain. He looked everywhere for the Excedrin. He searched for a good five minutes for it, only to find that the slot for it on the shelf was empty. They were out of stock.

''Looks like they're out of it,'' Harry said. ''Think you can manage with more ibuprofen?"

Once they got home, Louis took three pills of Ibuprofen, hoping that it would actually work for him this time. It ended up taking the edge off a bit, so Louis was at least able to practice during the pre-show sound check.

''How you doing, Louis?" Harry asked when they were done, placing his hand on his shoulder lovingly. ''Better?"

Louis nodded. "Yeah, still hurts loads, but better."

''I'm sorry, love," Harry said, squeezing his shoulder softly. ''Maybe you should take a nap, sleep it off. We don't go on for another-" he stopped to check his watch. ''-two hours and five minutes. You've got time."

Before Louis had a chance to consider this, Harry added, "I'll cuddle with you," with a cheeky smile.

''Okay," Louis said. He knew that he could better handle a headache when he was in Harry's arms. Somehow, Harry always knew how to make things better.

The boys spooned each other on the couch at the studio in a secluded room where they knew they wouldn't be interrupted, Louis being the little spoon this time.

Louis closed his eyes, comforted by the fact that Harry's strong arms were wrapped around his body. He snuggled deeper into his chest, wanting to get as close to him as possible. Harry responded by tightening his grip, reassuring him that he was right there and wasn't going anywhere.

Louis tried to go to sleep. He was tired, but his head was pounding. This was no headache, he thought. It was a migraine. It was getting worse with every hour, despite the medicine in his body. It just wasn't strong enough. Luckily, the room was dark, so he didn't have to worry about the light making it worse.

After half an hour, he still wasn't asleep. He sat there, listening to the light snoring coming from his boyfriend. He smiled. He loved him so much, even his snoring didn't always annoy him. He was jealous, yes, that he was asleep and not he himself, but not annoyed. He was glad that at least Harry could get some sleep.

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