Most Requested Live

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I found out today on Twitter that they're trying to get all of us 1D fans together to tell Most Requested Live that we want them to play History for us tonight.  They say that the more people who do it, the more it will possibly get played on radio stations.....hence, the reason I'm doing this.  

1D is not played enough!!  You get Selena Gomez and Beiber galore, but you're lucky to hear One Direction even once!!  

You can use all social media accounts.  Here's how to do it on Twitter:  Just type in this:   "Play History by One Direction #mostrequestedlive then do the ''at'' symbol (I can't do it here or it thinks i'm tagging someone) OnAirRomeo.  You must include all of this or it won't work.  

Instagram: Comment on one of their pictures and say ''play History by One Direction #mostrequestedlive.  

You've gotta do it tonight!  Like ASAP.  Let me know if you do it!  I just wanna help the boys out.  :)  

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