Gang Kidnapping-Louis hurt

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Okay, this is an AU prompt from Larryaf_since232010 .  It's pretty bad, so don't anyone ask me to write another AU :). As you can see from this one, I'm apparently terrible at it.   Basically, there're two gangs, and Grimmy's gang kidnaps them and they hurt Louis, and he has to be saved.  

"Hey honey, where've you been?" Louis asked his boyfriend, Harry, as he walked in the door. It was 11pm and he had left the house without even telling him, having been gone for almost an hour. It was something Harry had been doing quite a lot lately and it was getting annoying.

"Oh, just getting some fresh air. Decided to go out on a walk," Harry answered, hanging up his jacket on the coat rack.

The truth was, Harry had been on a walk, yes. However, he was delivering drugs to a couple men that night, and in return, gained a good chunk of cash. Harry was secretly in a gang with his and Louis's other buddies Niall and Liam, but it was something he kept secret from Louis. Harry just didn't want Louis to be involved. It was much too dangerous. Louis was tiny and weak, and Harry wanted to protect his love, but at the same time, get some much needed money.

"Isn't it kind of late for that, Haz?" Louis asked from the couch.

Harry kissed him on the cheek. "I don't know. I just felt like it, I guess." Was Louis finally onto him?

"Well, next time you feel like it, you could at least ask me if I wanted to go, too, you know," Louis said, annoyed.

Harry mentally breathed a sigh of relief, glad that Louis wasn't seeing through his lies.

"Fair enough," Harry said. He hoped Louis would drop the subject. He couldn't afford to let Louis discover his other life. He would never approve. "Come on, babe. I think it's time for bed, yeah?"

Louis nodded and followed Harry up the stairs where they prepared for bed.

This wasn't the kind of life that Harry planned for. Harry and his gang had all dropped out of college and could only get jobs at fast food joints. Harry knew they'd never make it in life with the amount of money they were making. They lived in the crappiest neighborhood where sounds of police sirens put them to sleep almost every night. Harry had to do something about it, had to make something of themselves.

The next day, Harry and Louis went to work and returned several hours later, completely worn out as usual.

"How was your day, love?" Harry yelled out to Louis as he was cooking dinner. Louis got home an hour after Harry since their work schedules differed.

"It was alright. It smells really good in here," Louis said, entering the kitchen and eying his beautiful boyfriend slaving over a hot stove. "What're you making?" he asked, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist.

"It's a new recipe. Hope you'll like it," Harry said, stopping stirring the pot to give his boyfriend a kiss.

"I bet it will be delicious, babe," Louis said with a grin, giving Harry's bum a little squeeze.

Harry jump slightly at the unexpected touch and Louis just let out a little laugh.

"I'll go set the table," Louis said, unwrapping his arms from Harry to go get out a couple plates from the cupboard.

The two ate their dinner happily, just glad to be in each other's company. They had been dating for two years, but it still felt like it was just the beginning.

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