You Choose #2: Soccer Accident-Louis

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Hey, guys!  So here are the results of the You Choose:

Boy hurt: Louis  (It was very close, just like the first one.  He won by three points).  It was Harry: 19  and Louis: 22

Injuries: Ankle had 6 votes.  The other runners up were: Back(5) Ribs (5).  Read to see which, if all, the injuries I included in the fic.

Sport: Soccer won with 12 points.  I kinda figured that.  lol

And obviously, it was voted to be in this book rather than the doctor book.  There were 15 votes for this book and 7  for my doctor book. 

Without further ado, I give you: 

Soccer Accident: Louis

Words: 2,905

The charity soccer game was coming up. The boys had been practicing a few times a week in preparation and getting better at it as the days went on. Louis, however, didn't show up to half of the games because he just didn't care about soccer. You just run and kick a ball around into a goal, right? How hard could it be? Louis preferred clubbing and playing video games.

Louis even skipped out on the last practice before the big game tomorrow. Harry couldn't even convince him to go. "I've got this, Harry," Louis said. "What's to know?" When the boys returned home that evening, they were hot and sweaty and pumped for the actual game.

"I've got dibs on the shower!" Liam yelled, walking quickly to the bathroom.

"So how did the practice go tonight, lads?" Louis asked.

"Fine, but you really should be attending all of them, you know," Harry said. He opened up the small cupboards in the tour bus and grabbed the peanut butter.

"I'll be there tomorrow. I wouldn't miss the actual game," Louis said, putting away the controllers and the game console.

The next evening, the boys made it to the stadium where the game would be held. They got into their jerseys and went down to the field. The stadium was filled with cheering fans which got louder once people saw their faces. Their team was red and Louis wore his lucky number 28, a symbol of the day he and Harry had gotten married.

Once the boys saw the team they'd be going up against, their eyes opened wide in surprise. These guys were built! They had practiced with several different teams during their practices, but not with these guys. They were intimidating. They were muscular and stocky and wore callous expressions. No one was more intimidated than Louis. These men were at least three times his size and much taller. What was Louis getting himself into?

He couldn't back out now. Their coach put Niall and Liam in first while Harry and Louis sat on the bench. The boys did well enough. They ran for the ball, wanting to do their very best because this was for charity. Their best, however, wasn't good enough because the other team scored within the first five minutes.

Louis's heart was beating rapidly, anxious to be thrown in. It was like they were waiting to be thrown into the lion's den, about to be devoured. His hands were sweating and his breathing was quick.

"Louis, Harry!," their coached yelled. "You're up!"

Niall and Liam quickly ran in, out of breath. "Good lucky, lads," Niall said, giving them a high five before stopping to put his hands on his knees to rest.

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