Harry Hurts Louis

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"Do you really wanna?" Harry asked. Louis had just asked him to show him the karate moves he learned yesterday in class. He was feeling a bit timid about showing them to anyone because they were new to him and he hadn't had enough practice.

The weather outside was beautiful. All the students were enjoying the free time they had today during lunch because it had been so dreary with rain lately. The sun was out and Harry and Louis had finished their lunch outside at the picnic table and were up talking on the field.

"Yeah, come on! I wanna see," Louis prodded. Harry talked about his weekly karate classes often and hadn't really seen much. He was excited to see him in action.

Harry laughed as his face turned red. "Okay, okay. So yesterday they taught us about how to flip someone off of you if you're being attacked." His face fell as if he was worried about something.

Louis sensed that he was hesitating. "Okay. . . and?"

"Well," Harry said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I kinda have to do this on you if you don't mind?"

"Um," Louis said, hesitating himself. "Well, I guess so. What do I have to do?"

"Just, like, run at me," Harry said, and put his hands up in defense.

Louis shrugged and turned around to place distance between the two of them and then turned to face Harry. He ran fast at him and when Louis was within a foot of him, Louis felt Harry's arms encircle his arm and torso and he was lifted from the ground, and then was quickly disoriented as he flipped in the air and was thrown to the ground, hard on his back. It all happened so fast and unexpectedly.

Louis opened his eyes to see Harry looking down at him, half expecting an applause. "And that's how you take down a bad guy. So, how'd I do?" Harry extended a hand down to Louis.

Louis grunted and sat up, taking Harry's hand in his. Harry pulled him up and onto his feet. "It was, uh, really cool, Haz," Louis said, and the bell cut him off mid-sentence. What Louis didn't want to tell him was that there was something wrong with his arm. He couldn't straighten it out all the way at the elbow, and it really hurt him a lot when he tried.

He had felt it connect hard with the ground when he went down, but he had kept quiet. He didn't want to make Harry feel bad. Louis folded his arms instead as they made their way back to the school doors.

"Two more classes," Harry said with a sigh.

Yeah, just two more classes, Louis thought, groaning to himself.

"Hey, you still coming over after school today?" Harry asked.

Louis had forgotten, and he couldn't come up with an excuse that fast. "Oh, yeah, of course."

Louis got to his next class and went straight to his seat. He sat down and pulled back his sleeve. He rubbed at his elbow gingerly and winced. It had already started to swell a little, and the pain was pretty bad. He tried again to straighten it but quickly pulled back when it really started to hurt.

He didn't care to go to the nurse. All she did was send you home or tell you you were fine. In all honestly, he thought his elbow was broken and didn't think she could do much for him anyway, and he didn't want to go home without telling Harry anything. He'd just have to wait this out until he got home. He said a silent prayer of thanks that he had already gone to PE earlier that day.

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