Harry Wakes up Sick

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Harry awoke in the morning feeling really sick. He didn't even want to think about getting out of bed. He looked over at Louis enviously, who was lying next to him. He was still sleeping peacefully, unaware of what Harry was feeling. Should he wake him? He wasn't sure. Harry laid there for a few more minutes, feeling more and more nauseous by the second. He couldn't take it anymore.

''Louis," he called weakly. There was no answer. ''Louis, wake up."

''What, Harry? It's early," Louis said impatiently. He continued to close his eyes without moving.

The nauseousness finally overtook the young boy and he ran as fast as he could to the bathroom, hovering over the toilet. He stayed there lying on the floor until he knew for certain that he was done.

"Harry?" he heard from the other room. ''Where are you?"

Harry remained on the floor, not having enough strength or energy to stand. Within seconds, he saw a pair of feet appear just inches from his face.

"Harry, what's wrong? Are you sick?" Louis bent down, taking in Harry's crumpled form on the floor.

Harry nodded. "I don't feel good."

Louis reached out to stroke Harry's curls. ''I'm so sorry, babe. Let me carry you back to bed." He scooped the younger boy into his arms and placed him back on his side of the bed. ''Can I get you something to eat?"

''No, no food," Harry replied miserably. He knew that he wouldn't be able to keep anything down.

Louis placed his hand on Harry's forehead to take his temperature and frowned. ''You're really hot, Haz."

''I know, Lou. And so are you," Harry smiled, his eyes closed and head against the pillow.

Louis laughed. He was glad he could still tell jokes even in his miserable condition.

''I'm freezing!" Harry said, even though he was under a sheet and two blankets already.

''You want to cuddle? That could get you warmer." Louis asked, hopeful.

Louis was already pulling back the covers to jump in next to his husband when Harry answered with, "yes, please." Harry felt Louis's comforting, strong arms encircle his body and pull him towards Louis's chest. Louis liked taking any opportunity he could to spoon his baby, which Harry enjoyed as well.

It was Saturday, so it was a good day for one of them to get sick. Management allowed every few Saturdays to be a day of rest for the boys.

''Just try to go to sleep, babe," Louis told the younger boy. ''I'm not gonna let you go."

They laid like that for some time, Louis feeling the rise and fall of Harry's chest. He almost fell asleep himself. Pretty soon Harry began to stir.

''I can't get to sleep, Lou. I feel horrible," Harry said. Just then he felt the sudden urge to empty his stomach again. He pushed back the covers as fast as he could and leaned over the toilet.

Louis was right behind him, rubbing his back. ''It's okay, baby. You'll feel better after this."

After two more times, Harry was done and he did feel a little better. Louis then helped him walk back to the bed with his hands around his waist. He could feel heat radiating off of him even through Harry's shirt.

''Harry, you're burning up," Louis said. Let me get you some medicine." Louis returned with a pill and water to swallow it down with. ''How about we draw you a bath. We need to cool you down."

Louis laid Harry back on the bed as he turned on the water in the tub to a cool temperature. When he was done, he helped Harry take off his clothes and get in.

''That's cold, Lou," he said, not sure he really wanted to get in.

''That's kind of the point, Hazza. Just stay in for a few minutes," Louis said as he helped him in. He picked up handfuls of water and spilled it over Harry, letting it run down his feverish body. Harry shivered every now and then from the chill.

After about ten minutes and constant begging from Harry, Louis helped lift him from the tub, helping him to get dressed. ''Feel better, babe?" Louis asked, drying him off with a towel.

''A little," he said. He leaned into Louis as he lifted his foot to slip it back into his pajama bottoms.

Harry walked back to his bed with Louis right behind him. He didn't feel feverish anymore since his bath, which he was grateful for.

Once Harry was in bed, Louis studied his face. ''You look really tired," he said. ''You need to try to sleep."

''Will you stay with me til I fall asleep?" Harry asked with pleading eyes. How could Louis say no?

''I thought you'd never ask!'' Louis said as he quickly got in bed with his husband.

When Harry was finally asleep, Louis picked up the pizza boxes and popcorn from last night's festivities in the living room. He did the dishes and watched a little TV. Later that afternoon he made Harry some chicken noodle soup and crackers.

''Thanks, babe," Harry said as he began to sit up. He ate a few spoonfuls and a couple crackers, but that was all he could stomach.

That night, Harry slept well and was better the next morning. Harry couldn't wait to tell Louis that he was better. He turned over to look at the sleeping boy, but that side of the bed was empty. ''Lou? Where are you?" Harry shouted.

Harry went to the bathroom. There he saw Louis on his knees, head hovering over the toilet bowl. What a familiar scene, he thought. He immediately went over to him, rubbing his hands on his back. ''Babe, are you sick now?"

Louis nodded. "Yeah, it just started."

''I'm so sorry you got what I had. If you're done, I'll take you to our room," Harry said.

Louis nodded again.

Harry scooped him up in his arms and placed him in bed. ''Don't you worry, babe. I'll take care of you like you took care of me. Then you'll be better in no time!" And he kissed him on the cheek.

Harry cuddled with him, watched some Netflix together in bed, and made him some homemade soup to make him feel better. Sure enough, Louis was better the next morning, too, and were able to go back to work with the boys.

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