My New Book is Coming!

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Hey guys!  I wanted to let you know that I'm starting a new book called, "More Than This."  It's about Louis getting physically abused by his boyfriend, Nick.  Harry sees Louis everyday at the bakery that he works at and notices his bruises and injuries and becomes suspicious. 

Basically, there's gonna be a TON of fluff (no smut) with Harry and Louis as Harry takes care of him, and a lot of suspense and violence.  I'm looking forward to sharing this with you, and I think you're gonna love it, especially if you're into abusive/hurt/comfort stories.  

I'll be posting twice a week, starting tomorrow.  It'll be every Monday and Thursday.  Please, if this interests you in the least, please add my story to your reading list once it's up tomorrow so you won't miss an update.  Thanks!  

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