Broken Arms-Louis

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This is the longest one I've ever written!  Hope you enjoy it, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.  This is a request for JuliaAcda . :)  Oh, and as someone asked, yes, this is somewhat based on my own experience when I broke my wrist, hence the reason I could go into detail.  :)

Words: 5,822

''Louis, I'm bored. What do you say we go on a bike ride?" Harry asked. He had just finished his lunch as they sat on the couch in their living room, his empty plate sitting on his lap. They were in between tours in London, so they had a little bit of time off.

Louis swallowed, considering his question. ''Okay, yeah, I guess. Haven't done that in a while. Let me just finish my hot dog.''

It was a beautiful spring afternoon, and Harry enjoyed feeling the breeze coming through their open window. The air was refreshing as it touched his skin. He realized that it had been months since their bikes had been ridden, so he decided to go check on them.

''Be right back, Lou. Gonna make sure there's air in the tires.'' He left the room, receiving a nod from Louis as he went to the garage.

There were several boxes of junk surrounding the bikes, making it harder to get to—proof that they had been neglected for far too long. He checked the tire pressure and a few of them could've used more air. He plugged in the air pump and inserted it into the valve, inflating the tire. He did the same to the others, adding more air until he was satisfied.

He returned to the house, Louis having just left their bedroom. He had changed out of his jeans and into some shorts.

Harry did the same. ''So, ready to go? The bikes are all ready.''

''Yeah, let's go,'' Louis said, opening the front door.

They were greeted by the glaring sun, causing them to squint. The weather was temperate: not too hot and not too cold, perfect for bike riding.

Birds were chirping and squirrels were seen hopping along the neighbor's yards. Harry and Louis mounted their bikes and rode them out onto the pavement. They rode side by side at a brisk pace, the wind blowing through their hair.

They chose to ride through streets where they knew not many people were, wanting to avoid fans. It's not that they didn't like them, but sometimes they just wanted their privacy.

But it didn't always work. Somehow, they were always recognized whenever they went out. ''Harry?'' a girl who looked to be about ten years old called out, unsure. When she got a better look, she yelled out again, enthusiastically, ''Harry, Louis!'' She waved, hoping they would see her.

The boys waved back with a grin before speeding along. They faintly heard her squealing, ''Larry's real!" as they rode past. Shoot, Harry thought. We're not really supposed to be seen together. Oh, well.

''Which way, Louis?" Harry asked as they were met with two choices in the road. ''Left, or keep going straight?" He wasn't one to make quick decisions. Spur of the moment? Nah. He left those kinds of decisions up to Louis. Louis was a spontaneous kind of guy, whereas Harry liked to plan things out before he did them. So he let Louis call the shots even now, something as simple as which direction they should take.

''Straight,'' Louis replied, keeping his eyes on the road up ahead. Both directions lead uphill, so either way, it would be exhausting.

They continued a minute longer before Louis let out a groan. ''Ugh, so tired! I need to stop.'' His thighs were on fire, and he was out of breath.

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