They Breakup, Louis found unconscious

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Wow, y'all.  This is the 70th chapter!  This is a request from LelisLoveS2 .  

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Harry was sitting on the couch watching TV, trying to take his mind off of the fact that Louis was out with another beard. This was the second girl in the past two weeks that management had forced him to go out with. He was getting really sick of it and totally jealous. He always waited up for Louis to get home. He started nodding off and dozed for several minutes until he heard the front door squeak open.

Harry's eyes darted open at the sound, jumping him awake. "You're home," he stated, tiredly.

"Yeah. How was your night?" Louis asked, taking off his jacket and throwing it on the recliner, but he missed and it fell to the floor. He sat on the couch on the other end of Harry.

"Boring. Did this all night," Harry said, nodding his head at the TV screen. "How was yours?"

Harry could tell Louis was masking a smile. "Eh. Same as usual. Had dinner and went to a footie game. London practically destroyed Ireland. It was amazing!"

Harry exhaled, disappointed once again at Louis's enthusiasm. He hated hearing anything about it, especially when he saw pictures of his dates on Twitter. Louis never seemed to be very upset about having to go. He genuinely always seemed to have an enjoyable night. He had had enough and decided to bring up his dislike for it right away. "Why do you like going on these dates, Lou?"

Louis seemed taken a back. "What? But I don't."

"Yes, you do. I know you have fun on these dates, and I hate you for going on them!" Harry said, raising his voice.

"It's not my call to be going on them anyway! You know they make me!" Louis shouted right back at him, standing up.

"Well you don't need to be flaunting about it when you get home. I had to sit around all night waiting for you to get back, while you and some idiot go out on the town. And it's all the time!"

"Well forgive me for trying to make it look believable for the cameras!" Louis shouted, stomping off to go to bed.

That night, Harry slept on the couch in the living room. He was sick of having this argument. They fought almost every time Louis went out on some date. Was it so hard for Louis to tell him that he hated his nights out, that he was miserable because he was without his Harry? Was he falling for these girls? Harry tossed and turned on the lumpy couch until he finally fell asleep.

The boys woke up early the next morning because they had to attend an interview. It was their last thing they had to attend for a while because management was giving them a bit of time off. Harry entered their bedroom, pushing the door back. The door wouldn't even budge all the way because of the piles upon piles of Louis's clothes that he carelessly throws to the floor. He never picks up after himself. Louis was still sleeping, ignoring his blaring alarm clock. Harry rolled his eyes. Louis was just so lazy.

Harry got ready in the bathroom before getting Louis up. "Lou, time to get up." Louis layed there, placing his arm over his eyes, still unmoving. "I said get up! You're gonna make us both late!"

Louis grumbled angrily, giving Harry the death glare. He moved past Harry and used the bathroom. Meanwhile, Harry went to the messy kitchen, full of Louis's dirty dishes, and made himself a bowl of Cheerios. He stood in the kitchen, eating his breakfast, noticing other messy areas on the counter that Louis had dirtied. He never bothered cleaning up the cake batter he had spilled the other day. It was in a dark puddle, and the other half of it had dripped down the side of the counter. He just always expected Harry to clean up after him. Well he wasn't going to do that anymore. He wasn't his slave.

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