Harry-River Accident

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This is a request for 1storywriter.  By the way, if you didn't know already, she has a sick/hurt fic book, and you should go check it out!  She's a really good writer.  :)  

Words: 3,273

The boys were finally done with filming their music video. It consisted of them riding the rapids in a raft. Their managers told them to just act happily and they would film them. It was going to be a nice little summer-y video. They already filmed other things that people normally do in the summertime like them barbecuing, picnicking, and playing football, but today they filmed the white water rafting scenes.

"I'm so hot, mate," Harry shouted to Niall over the roar of the river, clutching both of his shoulders. The weather was brutally hot, the sun shining down on them harshly. It was much warmer than what they were used to in London.

"Yeah, I know, mate. Me, too," Niall said, wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead.

The boys were standing around while the crew was putting all their equipment away. None of the boys were wearing shirts because they had to shoot the water scenes, and none of them could've been paid to put one on because of the heat.

Harry kept fanning himself, but he wasn't getting relief, and there wasn't even the slightest breeze in the air. He decided to walk over towards the river and cool off. He bent down, watching the water roll over the rocks quickly. He put his hands in the water and scooped the cool liquid over his chest, splashing it on his face as well. He didn't care if he'd be an easier target for sunburns. He just needed to cool down.

Louis glanced over and saw what Harry was doing and smiled to himself. Harry was always the warm-blooded one, which was why Louis cuddled up to him at times when he was cold, which was fairly often since he was cold-blooded. He hated the cold and Harry hated the heat. They were pretty much meant for each other.

The rapids were loud and the boys could barely hear each other over the noise. It was moving fast with a strong current. Harry couldn't believe that they had been on it just an hour ago. It was amazing that none of the boys had fallen off the raft. A couple cameramen had fallen overboard on their raft, but no one else. If anything, it will probably make for a good video if they were still filming when they had taken the tumble.

Harry was feeling dizzy. He didn't know when he'd felt this hot before, and his head was pounding and had been for the last 20 minutes. He didn't complain, though, because he knew they'd be packing up and getting back on the bus soon. He looked behind him and saw there were more cameras and props and things to pack up and the boys usually were one of the last to leave, always wanting to help.

Harry couldn't be of use to them, though. Not right now. His head was spinning and he was starting to feel really lightheaded. He stood back up and stumbled, dark spots clouding his vision. He couldn't see. He swayed on his feet, and before he knew it, he was tumbling into the raging river. Something hard hit his head, and before he could feel the pain, he had lost consciousness.

Louis screamed. He had turned to tell Harry they were all going to go out to eat somewhere and he witnessed him falling over and into the water. Louis's heart fell into his stomach, panic flooding his system. "Harry! Harry fell!"

The boys and everyone turned to look at Louis, his expression desperate. Louis ran to the river, running down the stream as he yelled, "Help me! We have to save him!"

They followed his gaze and saw Harry's head and body popping up every now and then in the water. The crew and Niall and Liam ran alongside Louis to try to help him.

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