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Louis and Harry hadn't had much time to themselves lately. The band had taken up most of their time with all the practicing and the promoting of their music.

One day, Louis asked management if they could end a little early so they could have a date night. They agreed. This is how they found themselves at a fancy, upscale restaurant in London tonight.

Louis sat opposite from Harry as they waited for their meal. The silverware was shiny and bright and there was a pianist in the corner playing a calming sort of classical piece as background music. It was just what they needed as a way to relax from all their hard work.

Pretty soon, the waitress appeared with their meals, placing them in front of the two boys.

"Could we get some more wine, miss?" Harry asked.

"Sure. I'll be right back." She left for a moment and returned with another bottle and refilled their glasses for them.

Harry and Louis thanked her and Harry reminded himself internally to give her a good tip at the end of their stay.

As they ate, they made small-talk, discussing things that were current in their lives.

"How's the fam?" Harry questioned Louis. "How're the twins?"

"Oh, they're all doing well. I talked to everyone last Sunday. Their birthday is coming up, and I managed to get a few tips out of them of what I should buy," Louis said, smiling. He was very fond of his family and enjoyed being the big brother. "How's the steak?" Louis asked, taking a bite of his green beans.

"So good," Harry said, swallowing. "The food's amazing."

Louis took a sip of wine. "It is. Good choice. I've never had seafood this good before."

"Told you you'd like it," Harry said smugly, washing down his bread roll with wine.

The two love birds ate their meal in peace, enjoying each other's company, finally away from the other boys for once. They chatted about everything and nothing at all. It didn't matter. They could've sat in silence for all anyone cared just as long as they were together.

Things were going very well until Louis breathed in to laugh. Harry said something really funny and Louis, who had just placed a piece of shrimp in his mouth, couldn't withhold his laughter. The shrimp lodged somewhere in the back of his throat, and Louis began to panic.

He tried clearing his throat, but he couldn't make any noise. No sound would come out no matter how hard he tried, neither could he get any air in.

Harry, sensing something was wrong, looked up from his plate. "Are you okay?"

Louis put his hand to his throat since he couldn't talk. Harry understood right away. "Louis, are you choking?" Harry cried, getting up from his seat and going over to him.

Louis stood up as well. Harry hit him hard on the back a few times, hoping to clear his airway. When he saw he wasn't improving, he immediately started the Heimlich Maneuver. He placed both his arms around Louis's waist and gripped his thumb so the bony part of his thumb was extended and faced Louis's torso. He said a little silent prayer to himself and jabbed his hand in the area above Louis's navel and pushed up quickly.

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