Harry's Sick, then Fakes it

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This one-shot had been on my list to write for a really long time.  It's inspired by the ICarly episode where Harry fakes being sick.  Hope you like it. 

Words: 3,060

The spiders were crawling all over the duvet of Harry's and Louis's bed. When Harry opened his eyes and saw them crawling everywhere and were headed in his direction, he panicked. He hated bugs in general, but spiders were one of his worst fears.

Heart pounding in his ears, he jumped out of bed yelling, "They're gonna get us! They're gonna get us!" He used his hand to flick them away. Why was it so hot in here? His neck was sweaty and he felt something trickle down his chest.

When swatting them away didn't work, he picked up the duvet on his side and flicked it up and down, hoping to send them up and flying.

Louis was quick to wake up and was utterly confused. Harry was behaving like a madman, the duvet in his hands as he fanned it up and down. "Harry, what are you doing? What's going on?" He sat up in bed, squinting his eyes at the faint outline of his husband.

"I'm trying to kill--" Harry said, but now he was confused, too. "—get rid of the—"Harry said rather slowly, his eyes tricking him. "There were spiders. I thought I saw spiders." Louis's yelling at him seemed to bring him back to reality.

"Harry, there's no spiders," Louis said, looking around the bed and the room. All he saw was a disheveled bed spread and wrinkled sheets. "Come back to bed."

Harry, still in a slight stupor, sank back into his side of the bed, and Louis reached out to feel his forehead. "I knew it," Louis said with a sigh. "You do crazy things when you get hot, and this time, I think it's actually a fever."

It was true. When Harry got overheated, he had hallucinations. It hadn't happened in a while, though, but often when the weather turned warmer after winter months, Harry would still pile on the blankets anyway, only to overheat himself.

"How do you feel?" Louis asked.

"Kinda sick I guess. So no spiders then?"

Louis shook his head. "Nope. Let's take your temperature." He left to find the thermometer in the bathroom and returned a moment later. Harry placed it under his tongue and waited for the beep.

"99.9. Yep, you've got a fever." Louis leaned in and kissed Harry's warm forehead. "Try to get some sleep, okay?"

Harry sighed. "Okay." He rolled over to get comfortable and was able to sleep the rest of the night, but not without a few weird dreams.

He awoke before Louis did and stayed quiet and still. He noticed his nose was stuffy, he was still hot from fever, and his body felt achy everywhere. He wasn't hungry, but was thirsty for something. Milk sounded really good to him. Ten minutes later, he decided to get up.

He was glad that it was the weekend. They had nothing planned for work until Monday, so he had some time to recuperate. He pushed up out of bed and felt really heavy when he stood on his feet, like he had just pulled himself out of a swimming pool. He was lightheaded, and black spots danced around his vision as he stood, blinding him.

The shifting of the bed woke Louis up. Remembering last night, Louis turned to face him and sat up. He saw Harry standing there, his hand wrapped around the bed post. "Harry, you okay?"

"Yeah, just can't see."

"You got up too quickly?" Louis yawned and got out of bed to help Harry. He put his arm around Harry's waist to steady him. Harry was hunched over with his hands covering his eyes, so when he felt Louis's small body grab around his, he jumped.

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