Niall's Prank

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It wasn't April Fool's Day or anywhere near it, but Niall really felt like playing a prank on all of the boys. Their schedules had been really hectic lately and they hadn't been having much fun because of it. It was go, go, go, all the time, and management wasn't letting them have any fun.

So Niall had a plan to help lighten the mood and bring some fun back into their lives.

The boys were sleeping now in their bunks on the tour bus. Their photoshoot was that next morning, and they had all picked out what they would be wearing for it. They had their clothes draped out near their bunk. Luckily, the itching powder had come in the mail just a week ago.

Niall went to Harry's bunk first and grabbed his shirt. He sprinkled some of the white powder into it and placed it back where he found it. He put powder in Liam's shirt as well. Now he went to Louis's bunk. But where were his clothes?

He looked everywhere, but came up empty. Dang it. He heard someone stir. He quickly tiptoed back to his bunk, wondering where Louis had placed his clothes. And then he fell right back to sleep, laughing to himself for what the next day would bring.

Beep beep, Beep beep.

Niall quickly shut off his alarm clock. He wanted to be the first one up so he could see the boys' reactions. The first boy to get up was Liam. He went to the bathroom and closed the door. Niall could hear the toilet flush and water pouring from the faucet. After several minutes, Liam returned to his bunk and grabbed his outfit.

Niall pulled back the drape from his bunk so he could peer out and watch him. He saw him put on his shirt. He had to place a hand to his mouth to stifle a giggle. Harry then got up, did his thing in the bathroom, and also put on his clothes.

Nothing was happening just yet. Niall got up himself and put his clothes on, and Louis was up as well.

''Are we all ready, boys?'' Louis asked.

''Everyone but you, lad,'' Liam said, eyeing him up and down. ''You're still wearing your PJ's.''

''Yeah, I couldn't decide which of the two outfits to wear for the photoshoot, so Lou told me to choose today. So once we get down there, I'll change.''

So that explained it. Louis hadn't chosen his outfit, yet. The bus was parked outside of the studio, so Louis walking out in his pajamas was no big deal.

Shouldn't the powder have some kind of an effect by now, Niall wondered.

As if right on cue, Harry started to itch his chest. ''I'm all itchy all of a sudden,'' he said with a confused look on his face. He pulled the front of it and looked down his shirt. He apparently saw nothing and just shook his head.

And now the fun begins.

''Did you say something about being itchy?" Liam turned to Harry. '''Cause I am, too.''

The two stared at each other, both itching their whole torso.

Niall grinned but held onto his laughter. ''Come on, lads. I'm sure it's nothing. Let's go.''

They all left the bus and went into the studio to get their makeup and hair done. While Lou was styling Harry's hair, she noticed his discomfort and how he was using the back of the chair to scratch an itch. ''Harry, what's wrong? You've got to stay still!"

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