You-Choose Fic (Louis Falls From a Tree)

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Thank you all for your amazing suggestions! You had some really great ideas that I might even use for future hurt fics. The last time I counted, there were 15 votes for Harry, and 19 for Louis, so you can see now why I'm writing about Louis. Don't worry, though. I'll write you a Harry one, too, sometime.

The prompt I came up with because of your suggestions is this: Louis and the boys are camping. Louis climbs a tree because of a dare and falls, breaking his arm, ankle, and has a concussion. I hope you like it, especially if your vote lead to this prompt. Thanks again!

"The stupid fish aren't biting!" Louis yelled in frustration. The boys had been fishing for half an hour now, and Louis had caught nothing, let alone gotten any nibbles.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Lou. I've caught like—" Niall began, stopping to count all the fish swimming in the ice chest. "Like three already."

Louis made a noise of disgust as Harry looked over at him.

"You'll get something soon. We haven't been doing this for very long," Harry reassured him. They all had their fishing poles in the brown murky water, waiting for their white and red bobber to sink.

After five more minutes, Niall's fishing pole went berserk in the water, the bobber going below the water line. Niall pulled up on his rod, reeling it in. "I've almost got it!"

Louis and the boys looked on, watching as Niall struggled with pulling it out of the water. He went from pulling and tugging to reeling and more tugging, until finally, the end of the line was out of the water, and on that end was a large fish with a hook poking out of its mouth. How does Niall do it?

"Gosh, Niall," Liam said in unbelief. "How in the world do you keep catching all those fish?"

"I don't know, mates. Lucky I guess," Niall said with a smile as he unhooked the fish from the line, tossing it in the cooler with all the others.

"Well, what have you been bating your hook with?" Harry asked, squinting from the sun.

"Oh, a worm," Niall said casually, counting on his fingers as he went. "hot dog pieces, corn, and leftover cookie dough."

The boys were flabbergasted as they all stared at each other. "Niall, fish aren't people," Harry said with a frown.

"Yeah. Cookie dough, Niall?" Liam said, throwing his line out a bit farther.

"Well, it worked, didn't it?" Niall asked, shrugging off their comments. Then he knelt down to grab a canister from the ice chest and began rebating his hook.

"You're right, mate," Louis said, reeling in his line. "Bate my hook for me, too, will ya?"

Niall agreed and started loading the corn, hotdogs, and dough onto Louis's hook, and right when he was done, Liam and Harry couldn't get their hook to Niall fast enough, hoping he'd help them out as well. Pretty soon, they were all catching fish every couple minutes, relishing the feeling when their fishing pole dipped down and their bobber sank.

After they fished, since no one really wanted the task of cleaning and cooking the fish, they decided to let them all go. They watched as all their fish swam away into the dirty water and cleaned up before leaving the dock.

Soon, it was lunch time and they were able to make a campfire. Liam helped the fire grow bigger by adding in more wood, blowing on the flames to make them bigger. Once he was satisfied, he joined the others at the table. Niall, Harry, and Louis had finished making the last potato, carrot, and meat stew in aluminum foil, and Liam sat them all close to the fire so they could cook.

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