Harry Falls off Stage-Part 2

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That night, management told them they needed to return to the stage to finish out the concert for the fans. Harry was given the option to go on or not, and he surprisingly went along with it.

''Ladies and Gentlemen, let's welcome Harry and the boys back on stage!" their manager announced. The room lit up with more screams from the fans that were even more intense than before. Then the crowd began chanting his name, "Harry! Harry! Harry!"

Niall pushed Harry's wheelchair on stage and Harry waved to all the fans with a slight smile. Management handed each of them a microphone.

''Hey all you lovely people," Harry spoke, pausing to let the clapping die down before he continued. His foot was propped up on the foot rest of the wheelchair, elbow still in the sling. ''I'm pretty banged up, but I think I'm gonna be okay. Broke my ankle and bruised my elbow. And if you got me falling on video, I just hope it wasn't too embarrassing!" He held his head down as if in shame.

There was lots of laughter from the audience as well as a few ''Glad you're Okay'' 's being shouted.

Then Liam took over and said, "Okay, guys, let's get the party started again. We're very glad to have Harry back!"

They concert lasted for another hour and fifteen minutes. Harry was doing well for the first half of it. Niall enjoyed pushing him around the stage in the wheelchair with Louis always telling him to be careful. Both Liam and Louis took over pushing Harry around when Niall got tired.

Halfway through, Louis looked over at his husband and saw he was looking tired. ''How are you doing, babe? Are you in any pain?" He had taken pain killers at the hospital just two hours ago.

''Yeah, it all just hurts. I'm trying to hold out 'til the end, though," Harry told him, looking miserable.

''I'm sorry, babe. If you want to go, just tell me. We won't make you stay," Louis assured him, hand touching his good shoulder.

''I'll be okay."

That evening, Louis and Harry were in their house, finally about to crash after a long, eventful night. Louis had just given Harry more pain medication after Harry was complaining.

''That should help you, Hazza," Louis said, taking the cup of water from him and dumping the rest of the contents in the sink. Louis then rolled him into their bedroom so he could help Harry change into his pajamas. He carefully took Harry's sling off so he could pull off his shirt.

''Ow, careful, Lou," Harry whined as Louis began getting his arm out of his sleeve.

''Sorry, sorry. I'm trying to be careful." He eventually got his shirt off and put his night shirt on, then put the sling back on. Then he lifted Harry out of the wheelchair to get him changed into his pajama bottoms. It took a lot of effort between the two of them, but in a few minutes, Harry was all changed and Louis helped him into bed.

They lay in bed together, talking before drifting off to sleep. ''I can't believe I fell off the stage! It's so embarrassing!" Harry said.

Louis turned on his side to face him. ''It's okay, Harry. It could've happened to anyone. Don't worry about it," Louis tried to comfort him.

''Yeah, yeah," Harry sighed, closing his eyes.

''I'm just glad you're okay. Get some sleep, babe. You've had a long night," Louis said and kissed him on the cheek. "And don't hesitate to wake me up if you need me."

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