Football Injury-Louis

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How's everyone today?  Hope you all had a good Easter break!  

''Stop it, Hazza! Stop!" Louis squealed breathlessly, getting off the bed to run away from Harry. Harry was tickling him with no mercy, causing him to squirm. He managed to only make it as far as the front of the bed, sprawled out on the floor, while Harry dove down in attack-mode.

Harry tickled his underarms and torso until Louis could hardly speak. Louis began laughing and uttering "Ha-....Ha-" without being able to get his whole name out. Finally, Harry realized he needed to stop. After all, he didn't want to suffocate the poor boy.

''Okay, you win," Harry laughed, pulling him into his lap. Louis smiled up at him, placing a kiss on Harry's cheek. ''You're just too adorable sometimes it's hard to stop."

Suddenly, Louis's cellphone pierced the air and vibrated in his pocket, causing him to jump (a/n this happens to me all the time!). Harry smiled at the fact that even his cell phone tickled him so much. Louis pulled out his phone and answered. "Hello?"

"Hey, Louis," Liam began. ''You mates wanna play some football today? Like right now?"

Louis looked at Harry and relayed the message.

''Yeah, sure,'' Harry said. ''That'll be fun."

Louis loved football. It was his favorite sport. When he wasn't playing it, he was playing FIFA from his couch. He'd never pass up a chance to play. ''Yeah, me, too."

''We're down. Meet you in ten?" he asked Liam.

''Yeah. We'll be in the park. See you soon," he said and hung up.

Louis and Harry quickly changed into their sports outfits and headed out the door, eager to play. They hadn't played football in probably about three months. They'd been so busy lately that there just hadn't been any time for it.

Once they arrived, they were met on the field with Niall and Liam. ''Hey, lads. Glad you came!" Niall said with a huge grin on his face. He greeted both of them with a couple friendly high fives.

''Okay, everyone's here. Let's get this started!" Liam announced, tossing and catching the football in the air. They divided into teams, with Louis and Harry on one team and Niall and Liam on the other. They got into positions, and the game began.

Niall's team kicked off the game. The boys ran for the ball, and Liam got it, running with it towards their goal. Harry ran in their direction, hoping to stop the ball from making it further. Louis was able to intercept it and he kicked it to Harry. Harry ran with it, but it got away from him and Niall got it, kicking it into their goal, scoring them a point.

''Alright team!" Liam called out enthusiastically. ''That's what I'm talking about!" Then play began again. After half an hour, the score was 1-1. The boys were still at it, hoping that soon someone would be able to score again.

They started again, Louis with the ball this time. He passed the ball to Harry, but Liam intercepted it at the last second. Louis ran over to Liam, hoping to steal it away from him. But in running over, Louis clumsily tripped over his own two feet. He fell right in front of the ball, in the exact same time that Liam was going in for a kick. But Liam couldn't stop in time.

Louis's side erupted in searing hot pain, causing him to see spots. He slumped to the ground and groaned loudly, placing a hand to his ribs. Harry, upon seeing what had just unfolded, ran over to his husband in desperation. His heart was beating rapidly, and he was at Louis's side in an instant.

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