Louis-Struck by Lightning

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This is a request for RRaNa .  Yeah, it's a short one.

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"Par eight, lads," Niall announced, readying his stance and positioning his golf club over the ball. Niall had convinced the boys to play golf with him this Saturday morning as a way for them to have some fun this weekend. Niall knew all the good golf courses and sought them out in every city they went on tour.

Normally Louis wouldn't have come given that he thought the sport was boring, but when Niall offered him the job of driving the golf cart around, he was all for it. The boys stood around Niall as he swung his club. The ball sailed through the air, moving slightly because of the wind, and landed three feet from the hole.

"Nice job, mate," Harry encouraged him with a slap on the back.

Niall laughed. "Not too shabby."

Louis got into the cart and yelled, "All aboard!"

The boys tried fitting themselves into the cart, but since carts only fit two people, only Harry sat with Louis as Louis drove them to the hole so Niall could finish his putt. Niall ended up getting it in on the second stroke and the boys cheered him on. Niall was a great shot, unlike the others.

As they played, the wind picked up speed, and the leaves on the treetops bounced to and fro. The sky turned gray and thunder rumbled in the distance.

"Oh, darn it! Looks like it's gonna rain!" Niall exclaimed, looking up at the sky. There had been no signs of a storm when they first got out there.

"Can I have a go really quick first?" Liam asked, since it was his turn next. The boys had no qualms about him taking his turn considering the storm was still holding back and there was no rain yet.

He took a golf club into his hands and took his time sizing up the ball and the distance it was to the hole. When he was ready, he swung, and it landed quite a ways away from where he wanted it to be. He sighed. "Way off!"

Louis laughed from the golf cart. "Haha, Payno! It's miles off!"

Liam rolled his eyes, but he knew it was all in good fun. He wasn't really mad at Louis.

There was another roar of thunder and lightning appeared 15 seconds later in the sky. Still, there was no rain, but the gray clouds hanging overhead told them it was coming very soon.

"Mates, I think we should be leaving now. This could get dangerous with the lightning," Niall suggested. The golf clubs were now all in their baggie on the ground as they gawked at the cloudy weather. The winds picked up speed and their shirts were now billowing around their bellies. The temperature had also dropped several degrees, and the boys were covered in goosebumps.

"Who's riding back with me this time?" Louis asked.

As the boys were arguing about who should get a chance to ride in the golf cart, a sudden, huge bang filled their ears, and a magnificent ball of light, brighter than anything they'd ever seen lit up in front of their faces. The energy of the noise was so strong that it forced the boys onto the ground. It blinded and deafened them for 15 seconds before any one of them could react.

Once Harry could see again, he arose from the ground and saw the others getting up slowly as well, in a state of confusion. All got up, except for Louis.

Louis was on the ground, obviously having been thrown from the cart. His shirt was torn to shreds and his shoes were off his feet. Harry looked out in the distance and he saw his shoes were laying out on the grass many yards away.

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