Hurt-Louis (Snowday)

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How is everyone today?  I thought I'd do my first Hurt Fic.  Hope you like it!  I love hearing from you, so comments are always welcome!

Today was a special day. The boys had just finished a month straight of concerts and recording sessions for their new album, and management had given them a couple days off. It was a cold, snowy Saturday and Louis and Harry decided to spend this rare free time building a snowman in their front yard.

They put on their winter coats, gloves, and hats and headed out into the chilly air. ''Careful, Louis. The sidewalk is slippery," Harry told his boyfriend after carefully treading out on it with his sneakers.

Once Louis was at his side, they looked all around them, trying to pick out the best spot for their snowman. ''I hate to disturb the snow. It's just so perfect with no footprints," said Louis, scouting out the view of their yard. It was pristine, the white snow catching the light of the sun, creating a sparkling effect.

''Oh, yeah? Well, I have no problem with that!" Harry picked up a snowball and threw it at Louis.

''Oh, is that how it is?" Louis laughed, gathering up an even bigger pile of snow into his hands, sending it in Harry's direction.

''Ha! Missed me, Boo!" Harry said while dodging Louis's snowball. He began gathering more and more snowballs so he would have a steady flow of ammunition. Just as he was rolling up the last one, he felt a hit on his back.

''Gotcha, Hazza!" Louis grinned. Suddenly, Harry was running in his direction, threatening to attack. Louis's eyes widened in anticipation.

One second Louis was standing, and the next, Harry was on top of him, pinning him to the ground with his strong, muscular arms. ''Now look who's got who, Boo!" Harry said with a smirk. Their faces were just inches apart, their breath visible in the frosty air. Harry leaned forward and kissed his boyfriend softly on the lips.

''Mmm," Louis moaned in response. ''We'd better get to that snowman, Haz, before the sun goes down."

Harry reluctantly got off of Louis, helping him up with an outstretched hand. After picking the perfect spot, they began gathering snow into a huge pile. It was freshly fallen snow, so it was easy to pack together.

''Think this is high enough?" Louis asked, patting the round shape they created.

''Yeah, I think so. Let's start on the middle section," Harry agreed. They began gathering more and more snow until they had created the torso of the snowman. Louis then picked it up and placed it on top of the bigger mound.

''It's getting cold, Lou," Harry said, shivering. He was starting to work a little slower.

''Yeah, just one more ball to make and we'll be good." Louis worked quickly so they could go inside faster. The sun was going down so they didn't have as much warmth. After the snowman's head was created, Louis placed it on its body. They were finally done. Now all that was left was the decorations.

Harry was eager to get out of the cold so he said, "Let's go inside and gather things to make the snowman's face. Race you!"

Louis loved a challenge. They both ran as fast as they could to the house, wanting to be the first to reach the door.

Harry reached it first, slamming his palms against the door and stopping abruptly. ''Beat you!" Harry shouted proudly.

No response.

''Lou! Slow pok-" he started to say as he turned around. Louis was on the ground on his knees, cradling his arm. "Louis, are you okay?" Harry quickly ran to him, his face suddenly serious.

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