Hit by a Car-Louis

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Harry and Louis had just walked out of a clothing store, bags in hand. It had been a nice, lazy Saturday where they were allowed to do and go anywhere they pleased. They had dined together, played a game of tennis, and then to end their evening, bought some clothes at one of the top designer shops in town.

"It's been fun," Louis said with a smile on his face. They had exited the shop and were walking on the sidewalk amidst crowds of people.

Harry agreed. He had enjoyed this day together as well. He looked up and noticed a familiar face from across the street. "Oh, hey, Niall!" he yelled, sending off a friendly wave.

Niall turned his head towards his name and grinned. Looks like shopping had been on everyone's list today. Niall waved back while sipping his smoothie and began running across the street to join them. It was unfortunate, however, that he didn't stop to look both ways. When Niall was almost on the other side, a car was inches away from hitting him.

Thinking quickly, Louis darted out into the traffic, hoping to save him. It was like everything happened in slow motion. Niall's eyes grew wide in shock as Louis's hands pushed him back, where he flew backward in a heap on the side of the road, his pink smoothie splashing everything in sight.

As Niall went down, Louis's body was slammed into a black car going 35 miles per hour. His leg hit the front of it and he was flipped onto the top of the windshield, hitting his head on the glass. He rolled off the hood and slammed down onto the concrete below, jarring his whole body.

He must have passed out for a moment because he didn't remember anything else. When he woke up, Harry and Niall were the first faces he saw as they hovered over him. "Louis!" Harry cried. "Are you okay?"

Louis put his hand to his temple. His head was throbbing. He pulled back his hand and it was wet and sticky with blood. "Head hurts." He started to get up, and he was halfway on his feet when the two of them told him to sit still and that they had called an ambulance. Louis looked confused. "But I'm okay. It's just my head."

"Are you sure?" Niall asked. His shirt was stained with pink smoothie. "You just got hit by a car."

Louis looked up and realized that people were flocking around them and staring and pointing. It all happened so fast he had forgotten what happened. He barely remembered pushing Niall out of the way, but the rest was a blur.

As Niall and Harry relayed to Louis what had happened, the pain began to manifest itself outof nowhere and it was intense. Louis grabbed his leg, letting out a scream that stopped Niall dead in his tracks, shutting him up.

"My leg!" Louis cried. "It hurts!" The adrenaline was finally wearing off and Louis's pain was in full force. The throbbing in his head increased, making him see spots. He felt like passing out and felt woozy.

Harry and Niall bent down on their knees. "It's okay, Louis," Harry said. "Help's coming."

His whole entire leg felt like it was on fire. Suddenly, a new pain registered itself that he wasn't aware of at first. He felt it when Harry put his arm around him, trying to comfort him. His arm, below the shoulder, zapped with pain with every touch of Harry's fingers. Louis pulled back and clutched his arm with his other hand as tears stung his eyes. "Ow!"

Realizing that meant he was hurting him, Harry quickly let Louis go. "I'm sorry, Lou." He knew he must have hurt it either on the road or when he collided with the windshield, but wasn't sure. Harry didn't know what to do for him now. He wondered how this even happened. This wasn't the kind of thing that happened to people like them. He didn't know how much pain Louis was in, but he hoped it wasn't too bad.

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