Larry Gets Mugged

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I know it's been a while since I updated, but I spent most of Thanksgiving break trying to write the Horror  story for the TNT contest before the deadline.  It took a lot out of me (since it wasn't 1D, lol!), so I haven't written anything else since.  So therefore, I'm giving you this one-shot I wrote a year ago that I saved up for a time like this.  

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Words: 2,745

Louis and Harry were having the perfect evening together. Harry was preparing a simple meal, with Louis right there at his side helping out. ''Pass the me knife, Hazza?" Louis asked, standing in front of the stove next to his man.

''Here you go,'' Harry said, handing it to him. Louis began chopping up the broccoli, which they would steam to go alongside with the spaghetti. ''Just don't cut yourself, love.''

Harry filled a large pot and got the water boiling. Once things were prepared, they set the table. While Louis was setting down the plates, Harry playfully smacked Louis on the butt, causing the small boy to turn around and grin. Harry gripped Louis tight around the middle, placing a kiss to his cheek.

''Mmm,'' Louis said in response. ''What brought that on?" he said, feeling his body weaken in Harry's arms.

Harry shrugged. ''You're just so cute when you help me in the kitchen. I couldn't resist,'' he said, and he leaned down to plant another kiss to Louis's lips.

The boys ate their dinner, the radio playing softly in the background. It was a nice summer night, and they had let open the kitchen window. The breeze felt nice and cool and welcoming. For dessert, they fed each other chocolate covered strawberries that they had made earlier that day.

When it was time to clean up, they turned up the music and danced around as they washed and put away the dishes. Suddenly, a familiar tune came on, and Louis gasped. ''It's Story of My Life, Hazza!"

Harry laughed and began to sing along, using a wooden spoon as his mic. ''Story of my life, I take him home..." he belted out, staring down at a beaming Louis. Louis watched him sing, in awe at how beautiful Harry was. Everything about him was perfect, from his muscular, fit body, to his silky, curly locks. Even this night together was perfect. Louis felt so lucky.

Before the night was over, they decided to go see a movie in the theater. After it was over, they sat there until all the people had already cleared out, waiting to see if there was anything more to see during the credits, and also because they enjoyed their time sitting alone together.

It was getting really late, after 12:30pm, so they decided it was time to go home. They walked sleepily to their car, which was a pretty good distance away since the theater was pretty packed when they had arrived. They even walked hand in hand since there were no other people around to see.

''Hey faggots!,'' someone yelled in their direction. Harry quickly realized he was wrong in thinking they were alone. Harry and Louis looked in the direction of the voice. It was so dark out, but they could just make out four figures in the alley. They looked big and strong, and not someone you'd want to mess with.

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