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Hey everyone.  Hope you're all doing well!  Here's another sick fic for you, Louis this time!  Hope you like it!

Louis and Harry were at home at their house, enjoying some time off from their busy work schedule. They had just finished several interviews and a small concert that afternoon. They were beat. Harry was rummaging through the fridge,looking for something to eat.

''What do you want to eat, Louis? We have leftover pizza, hot dogs, or the baked chicken from yesterday,"Harry explained, head hidden behind the refrigerator door.

Louis wasn't feeling all that great. ''I'm not very hungry, Hazza. You can eat whatever you want."

Harry looked at him with confusion. "But Louis, we haven't eaten in like six hours. How can you not be hungry?"

Louis shrugged. ''I'm feeling a bit off today. Kind of nauseous even." He frowned.

''I'm sorry, baby. Come here," he said as he walked over to Louis, his arms outstretched to bring him into a hug. "Can I get you anything?"

"No, I just need to sit down for awhile." He felt like he could throw up at anytime if he didn't sit somewhere fast.

''Okay, well after I eat something I'll come cuddle you on the couch," Harry promised him with a smile.

Cuddling was their favorite thing to do. Just the thought of it made Louis feel just a tiny bit better.

After several minutes of silence, Harry asked from the kitchen, "Lou, how are you doing?"

''My stomach just started hurting and I might throw up," he called wearily from the couch.

''Oh, baby. Let me get you a sick bowl," Harry said as he stopped eating to grab a bowl from the kitchen cupboard. He placed it next to Louis on the couch for whenever he needed it and then sat down next to his husband. He started stroking his hair.

Louis responded by nuzzling up against his hand. "That feels good, Harry," he said quietly. Just then,Louis felt the urge to vomit. He quickly grabbed the bowl and placed it in front of his face so he could get it all out. Harry began rubbing his back in support.

''Are you good now?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I'm done. Can you help me to the bathroom so I can rinse my mouth out?" Louis asked him.

''Of course, babe," Harry said as he helped Louis off the couch. The movement caused a surge of pain go through Louis's side. He couldn't help but cry out.

Harry's eyes widened with concern. "What's wrong, Louis? Does something hurt?" He helped steady him with his strong arms.

''M-mmy side. It hurts so bad to move," Louis stammered, cringing.

"Where at?" Harry asked, placing his hand very gently on Louis's stomach.

Louis placed his hand on top of Harry's and moved it over to the right side of his belly button. "Right here," he stated, looking into Harry's eyes.

Harry put on his serious face, full of concern, and then lifted up the hem of Louis's shirt to check and see if he had hurt himself somewhere. ''Well I don't see anything visibly wrong. Does it hurt when I touch it?" He put his hand back to the spot and applied the most minimal pressure. Louis cried out in pain, causing Harry to quickly retract his hand.

"I'm so sorry, Louis! I didn't mean to hurt you. I feel so bad!" Harry said, obviously upset with himself. ''I'm going to put you back on the couch and I'll bring you a bucket of water and washcloth so you can clean up."

A few minutes later when Louis was done, Harry said, ''We should probably get you to a hospital, Sweetie."

Louis shook his head. "It's probably just the flu. I'll be fine. It'll pass."

"Lou," Harry said, "the flu doesn't cause that kind of pain. I think this could be something serious. Maybe even appendicitis."

''Ugh," Louis sighed. "Do I have to?" He look at the younger boy, hoping he would change his mind.

"Yes, you do. Let's get you ready to go." Harry then put on Louis's shoes and helped him to stand,causing Louis to wince once again.

Harry frowned and Louis noticed. "I'm okay, Harry," he tried to reassure his husband.

"I would carry you, but I'm afraid that would hurt even more." So Harry let Louis lean on him as they walked to the car, Louis grunting every now and then because of the pain.

The car ride was a nightmare for Louis. Harry tried driving smoothly to lessen the impact, but the jarring still brought tears to Louis's eyes, with Harry constantly uttering a string of ''I'm sorry's" to his little, but older man.

Once in the hospital, Harry stood by Louis's side while Louis lay on the gurney. Harry explained to the doctor what the problem was. The doctor then layed his hands on Louis's side and told him to let him know if this hurt. He then pushed down gently on his side and the second his hands let go, Louis let out an agonizing scream.   Harry felt so helpless. He immediately bent down to kiss his cheek and squeezed his hand for comfort.

''Looks like we have a case of appendicitis. We'll need to operate in the next hour." He turned to Harry. "If you would go the the desk over there and fill out the forms, we will begin the surgery as soon as we can."

The surgery went well. Once it was over, Louis felt much better.

"How are you feeling, Lou?" Harry asked, holding his hand as Louis lay on the bed.

"Better. Kinda sore. It still hurts to move, though." Louis said.

''I know, baby, but that will get better in time. And I'm gonna be here for you until you're all well," Harry promised. He bent down once more to kiss him on the lips.

''Thanks, Hazza. I love you."

"I love you, too."

How'd you like it?  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks for reading!  :)

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