They are Both Sick

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This request is for TaylorDeniseGarza.  Hope y'all like it!  My favorite weather is exactly how this story starts out. :)  I mean, I don't love chilly weather that much, but I love thunder storms.  They're the best!

It was a nice fall day. Louis and Harry decided to take a walk to the store, which was only a mile away from their house, instead of driving. The air was crisp and smelled of autumn. It was chilly outside, but a thick jacket would keep them warm enough. They left their home with house keys in hand, talking together happily. Halfway down the street, they heard a distant rumble of thunder.

''Uh, Lou, did it say it was going to rain today?" Harry asked, brushing back a strand of hair out of his eyes. As they walked, they allowed their hands to brush against each other, which is the most PDA that they were allowed.

''I don't know," he said, looking up at the sky. ''The clouds do look a little dark, don't they?"

Harry nodded. They walked at a fairly brisk pace, enjoying each other's company. The thunder rolled again, causing them both to look up at the sky. ''Maybe we should pick up the pace."

One they arrived at the store, they picked up the few things that they needed. Harry grabbed the milk while Louis grabbed some cheese and yogurt.

''Let's not forget the cereal," Louis said, heading over to the breakfast aisle. They scanned the shelves, searching for something good.

Harry grabbed the Chocolate Toast Crunch and tossed it into the cart.

''Ooo, good choice," Louis said upon seeing what Harry picked out. "Now for something healthy." And then he tossed in a box of Wheaties. ''Okay, I think that's it, yeah? Don't wanna get more than we can carry."

''Yep, I think that's it," Harry said. They purchased their items and headed out the door.

Upon arriving again outside, they looked at the weather and then looked at each other. ''How did it get so dark out?" Harry asked Lou, incredulously.

Louis looked pretty surprised as well. ''Come on, let's go before the rain hits." They made their way out of the parking lot and began walking down the left side of the street, their groceries divided out between the two of them.

All of a sudden, the rain began pouring down with no warning. They both stopped in their tracks to set down their groceries so they could put on their hoods. It prevented the rain from touching their heads, but it didn't prevent them from feeling the cold that the rain brought. The temperature seemed to have dropped at least five degrees since the time they began their trip to the store.

Louis shivered. He didn't do well with cold temperatures. ''I'm so cold, Haz!" he called out to the younger boy. Harry was squinting in the rain, obviously uncomfortable as well.

''Just hang on, Lou. We'll make it soon,'' Harry told him. The rain was beating down on them, soaking through their hoodies. Their hair and clothes were plastered to their bodies, tennis shoes and socks soaked.

They finally arrived home, Harry fumbling for the keys. A loud crack of thunder was heard the second he threw open the door.

Both boys were shivering now. They sat their groceries down on the table and took off their wet jackets.

''So cold!" Louis said, his teeth chattering together loudly.

''Oh, Louis," Harry said, bringing him into an embrace. Harry knew that Louis didn't handle the cold very well. It took a lot to make Harry cold, and he was actually shivering himself. So he knew it must be triply bad for Louis. ''Come on, let's change clothes before we put the groceries away, yeah?"

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