Harry Wakes up Injured and Confused

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This is a request from Brinkly01 .  I decided to set the characters to this time, meaning Harry and Louis are going solo, and they're not a band right now but they hang out. 

Words: 2,999

It was a breezy summer's eve. The wind coursed through their hair as they made their way to the bar. Harry seemed to remember this bar from one of their tours as a band. "Remember this place?" Harry asked Louis as Louis opened the door for him.

"Wasn't this the place Niall threw up in?" Louis asked, a slight grin spreading through his face at the memory. Niall had drunk a bit too hard that night following one of their concerts. After stuffing his face with food and then singing a couple Karaoke songs, he vomited on the floor in front of everyone. It was embarrassing for everyone at the time, but now it seemed kind of funny.

Once they seated themselves at the bar, the bartender gave them their drinks. They had a couple beers, or maybe more like four or five. The bar was loud, filled with both men and women looking for a good time. Louis took one last swig of beer before calling it quits.

"Come on, Haz. I think we're done here," Louis said, noticing Harry's unfocusing eyes and slurring speech.

"I'm almost d-done," Harry said, burping into the back of his arm.

Louis took his arm and forced him out of his seat and out the door. It was dark outside and the stars were shining brightly. The wind was nice and cool, a welcome change from the summer heat. Harry and Louis walked arm in arm together, happily talking and laughing.

"I l-love t-t-his life, Lou," Harry stammered, the alcohol taking ahold of him. His vision was blurry and he was wobbly, but Louis was doing his best in holding him up.

Louis grinned. "Me, too." The alcohol hadn't done as much damage to Louis's system because he had a little less to drink than Harry. He knew someone had to be the more responsible one. That's not to say that Louis wasn't a bit drunk as well. His balance wasn't great either and he had to blink several times to keep his vision steady, but he was doing a heck of a lot better than Harry.

"The f-fans are s-ooo smart about us," Harry said slurring his words together, and if Louis hadn't known him for years, it would have made it hard for him to understand. The fans had been comprehending their secret clues about Larry since the beginning, and Harry and Louis were very proud of them.

They had walked about a quarter of a mile already, and they were almost to their house. Harry's drunkenness seemed to be getting worse, so Louis hoped to get home soon. Harry was also leaning on him even more, and he was getting heavy for the smaller boy.

"You k-now, Lou? Y-you should m-make an album and we'll c-come out on it t-together," Harry said, smiling. That didn't sound like a bad idea at all. "We should s-sing, 'I'm Coming Out.'"

Louis laughed loudly.

Harry broke apart from Louis's grasp and walked faster. He lifted himself up onto the edge of the sidewalk and sang boldly in a high falsetto, "I'm coming out-"

Louis cut in. "I want the world to know."

Harry's feet were clumsy as he tried to keep one foot in front of the other. "I want to let it sh—ohh!" Harry cried as he lost his balance. The dizziness in his head made him lose his footing, causing his whole body to fall to the street.

Concerned, Louis ran to him. "Are you okay?"

Dazed and confused, Harry took a second to reply. He shook his head and blinked his eyes and groaned. "I'm okay."

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