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This is a request for rapid34 .  I'll admit I've never cared enough for Chickenpox stories since it's mostly a childhood illness, nor have I read any of these types of One-shots, but I read that the symptoms mimic those of the flu.  So I figured, hey, I'll give it a shot.  And here it is.  :)

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''What a day, what a day,'' Harry mumbled to himself as he plopped down on the couch to watch some TV. He brought a bag of chips with him and placed the bag in his lap. ''Lou, can you get me some water while you're in there?"

The boys were going non-stop that day with interviews and meet and greets, and recordings. This was their first real break of the day, and it was already 10pm. Instead of going straight to bed like they should've, Harry and Louis decided to stay up and chill for a while and watch some TV.

Without a word, Louis filled a glass with water, adding in several pieces of ice (just like Harry liked it). He gave Harry the cup and joined him.

''Harry, is it cold in here to you?" Louis asked. He felt unusually cold that day, and this was summertime.

''I'm not cold,'' he said with a mouthful of Doritos, ''but you can use this blanket.'' Harry reached over and grabbed the blue, fuzzy blanket from the recliner.

Louis covered his front with the blanket, feeling a bit better.

''Lou, how can you be cold? It's like—'' he glanced at the thermometer on the wall. ''85 degrees outside and like, only slightly cooler in here? Are you feeling okay?"

''I don't know,'' Louis said. ''I started out this morning feeling fine, but then this afternoon I started feeling bad. And it's just gotten worse.''

''Aw, babe, why didn't you tell me?" Harry licked the red dust from his fingers and held up the bag, raising an eyebrow to the boy. ''Want any?"

''No, not hungry.'' Louis's expression was solemn.

Louis rarely passed up snacks, so he knew Louis wasn't feeling very well.

''I feel achy, too, especially my back. That just kinda started happening like about an hour ago,'' Louis confessed.

Harry wasn't sure what was happening, but it sounded like something more than just a little cold. ''I think we should take your temperature. I hope you're not getting the flu.'' Harry returned a minute later with a thermometer. Louis placed it in his mouth until it beeped. ''101. Yeah, it looks like you're running a fever.'' He kissed his cheek. ''Aw, my poor baby.'' Louis's face felt hot on his lips. ''How about I run you a bath, maybe put in some Epsom salt? Maybe that'll help you feel better.''

Louis nodded. He was feeling worse than when they got home. He hoped Harry was right and that a bath would help. Louis soaked in the tub for several minutes before getting out, but he still felt like crap.

Once he was dressed, he joined Harry in bed.

''How you feel now, babe?" Harry asked, eyes full of concern.

''Nothing's changed really,'' Louis shrugged.

''Oh, well maybe you'll just sleep it off and be better in the morning,'' Harry suggested.

''Let's hope. Goodnight,'' Louis said before rolling over.

''Night, love,'' Harry said before cutting out the light.

The next morning, Louis still wasn't better. He actually felt worse. His head was pounding with a terrible headache, and the aches and pains still hadn't left him. He reached over for the thermometer on the nightstand. His temp was reading a degree higher than last night. Harry was still fast asleep. They still had half an hour before Harry's alarm clock would go off, but Louis knew he'd never get back to sleep.

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