Secretly Sick-Louis

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Niall's hands were suddenly on his throat as he tried to get Liam's attention. "Can't—" He began to wheeze, barely getting enough air into his lungs.

Liam was on the phone in the kitchen at their hotel when he noticed Niall squirming around on the couch. He quickly put the phone down to see about him. He grabbed his inhaler from the coffee table and put it in Niall's mouth.

Niall took a few puffs in desperation, and normally that should've been enough to fix it, but this time was different. He'd been sick with the flu all week and it had been aggravating his asthma. The medicine wasn't working.

"I'm gonna call 9-1-1, okay?" he told the boy frantically. He hung up on the person he was talking to and called an ambulance. In the meantime, Liam tried to calm a panicked Niall who was desperately trying to breathe.


"It appears that the sickness you've been under has made your asthma worse. It's lucky you got here in time, Mr. Horan," a doctor said to them.

Niall was sitting in a hospital bed with all three of the boys surrounding him. He coughed. "I'm glad Liam acted so quickly."

"I'd like to keep you here overnight or maybe longer so we can check up on you," the doctor said, adjusting the bridge of his glasses. "Press that button if you need anything," he said, pointing to a red button above Niall's head on the wall. And with that, the doctor left the boys alone with a sick Niall.

They had all been taking turns with taking care of Niall while he had the flu. Today was day four and it was Lucky Liam's turn. "Couldn't you have saved that kind of fright for say, Harry, for tomorrow?" Liam said jokingly.

Everyone laughed quite heartily, all except for Louis. He just kind of smiled. Something didn't feel quite right about him ever since he took care of Niall yesterday. His stomach had been cramping up on him lately and waves of nausea had been attacking him on and off. He just hoped it was something that he could sleep off during the night.

"Well, I don't know about you, lads, but I'm beat. I call dibs on this chair," Harry said, making his way to sit in the red, stiff chair. They had decided that they'd all spend the night with Niall in his room to keep him company. There was only one other chair so they asked the hospital staff for them to gather up two more for them. They said their good nights and then an hour into the night, Niall ran from his bed to go throw up.

Liam, upon hearing the noises, got up to check on him. He was still throwing up when made it to the bathroom. As Niall got back into bed, Liam placed a trashcan at the edge of his bed so he couldn't have to run to the bathroom every time.

During the night, Louis was awfully cold. The one blanket he'd been given wasn't nearly warm enough, and that was saying something since he didn't usually sleep with anything more than a sheet during the summer months. He woke up in the morning feeling very achy. He wasn't sure, though, if it was because he was getting sick or if it was because of how he had to sleep on such an uncomfortable chair.

Whatever was happening to him, he didn't want to tell Harry. He had really been caring for Niall a lot lately, even taking Liam's turn for him once when Liam was needed in the studio. Harry was the most caring person of them all. He was the one you went to for comfort and love, and management had been overworking him as well. Louis didn't want to add to his stress.

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