Boys push Sick Louis too far

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"Haarrryyyyyy," Louis whined. He was lying in bed along with Harry when their alarm clock went off. He had felt lousy the last couple hours, but he didn't want to wake up Harry that early. Since the alarm was going off, he decided that now would be a good time.

"What's the matter, Lou?" Harry asked groggily. He sat up slowly in bed, his eyes still tired with sleep. He shouldn't have gone to bed so late. The boys stayed up until two that morning playing FIFA, even though they knew they had to be in the studio at 7:30 the next morning. Harry was now regretting it.

"I don't feel good," Louis said. He felt the tickle in his nose and sneezed a couple times. He reached over and grabbed a tissue on the nightstand, wiping his nose.

"Let me grab the thermometer. Does anything hurt?" Harry left the room and came back to take his temperature. Louis had been sick for several days with a bad cold, but he hadn't really complained about it until now.

"I feel really weird, like I have a fever, and I have a headache." Louis took the thermometer and placed it under his tongue. He looked down to read the digital numbers as they seemed to steadily increase as his hot breath collected on it. He took it out of his mouth once it started to beep.

"What's it say?" Harry asked.

"101.2." He handed it back to Harry so he could wash it off in the sink.

"Oh, boy. Looks like you have a fever. When'd you start feeling bad? Just this morning?"

"Well, like a couple hours ago. I just didn't want to wake you."

Harry nodded. "Do you feel okay to go to work? I'm not sure what they'll think if you stay home." Management didn't like it when the boys stayed home from illness. They had to be quite sick in order for them to be okay with it. Otherwise, they wanted them there, especially on days like this when they would be recording their singing parts at the studio.

"You're right. I probably should try to go, but the boys are gonna think I'm faking," Louis said, clearing his throat.

"Why's that?" Harry asked, folding his arms.

"I sorta told the boys last night that I didn't wanna go to work in the morning and that, 'I'll be sick tomorrow,'" Louis said, making air quotation marks with his fingers.

Harry sighed. "Yeah, it's not the best thing to say to them, is it?" he said, grinning.

Louis laughed, which turned into a cough. He covered his mouth as cough after cough shook his body. Harry rummaged through things in their drawers until he found what he was looking for. He unwrapped the cherry cough drop and gave it to Louis. Louis plopped it in his mouth and let the cool menthal calm his throat.

"Thanks," Louis said when he was done coughing.

"No, prob."


Once Harry and Louis got to the studio, Louis went straight to the couch. Harry sat down next to him. He took some medicine for his head before they left the house, but it'd take a while before the medicine kicked in. His headache was just getting worse, and he was having bad chills. Harry brought a blanket for him just in case.

They were the first ones to arrive, so Louis spread himself on the couch, placing his feet on top of Harry's lap. He was in the middle of a cold spell, so he told Harry to drape the blanket on him to keep him warm.

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