Halloween Party-Louis's Sick

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Harry put the bottle of apple cider in the cart and continued pushing the cart through the aisles. "Anything else?" he asked. He and his boyfriend, Louis, were shopping for the Halloween party they were invited to, that was starting tonight in just a few hours.

"Um," Louis said, thinking as he glanced in the cart. "No, I think we got everything." They were assigned drinks and cookies. They were very excited to attend the party, especially since it would be their first Halloween together as a couple. They were students at uni and had been dating for five months now.

Harry pushed the cart to the checkout counter while Louis paid. Then they unloaded their groceries at Louis's house, which was on a street just a few houses down from where the party would be located. Harry lived several blocks away but spent a lot of time at Louis's. "Ready to make the cookies?"

Louis nodded. "Yeah, you open them up and I'm gonna use the bathroom. Be back in a sec."

While Louis was away, Harry opened up the package of Nutter Butter cookies and white chocolate chips. He poured them in a bowl and microwaved them so they would melt.

Louis went to the bathroom and closed the door. He put his hands to his throat, frowning. He felt really warm. He knew he felt kind of weird. The whole time they were at the store, he felt weak and shaky and almost feverish. Everyone at uni seemed to be getting sick this week, and he had hoped to stay away from it. He sat on the lid of the toilet as he took his temperature. 99.7. Great. Just great, he thought. He hoped he wouldn't get any worse.

Louis rejoined Harry in the kitchen and washed his hands. "Got the chocolate melted?" Louis asked.

"Yep, you wanna dip the first one?" Harry said, giving him a Nutter Butter. Louis dipped the cookie in the melted white chocolate and used a fork to coat it thoroughly. Then he took a couple mini chocolate chips and placed it on the cookie for eyes.

"What a cute little ghost," Harry said as Louis adjusted the eyes on its face.

"Yeah, he is cute," Louis said. Then they began making more, dipping the cookies in the chocolate and laying them down on the wax paper to dry. Louis sneezed, making sure he turned away from the cookies.

"Bless you," Harry said.

"Thanks." Louis felt himself getting hotter and more feverish as they worked. "Hey, Haz, do I feel hot to you?"

Harry looked up from his cookie, his hands coated in chocolate. "Why? You feel sick?"

"I'm feeling kinda weird lately," Louis admitted.

Harry washed his hands in the sink and then felt his forehead. "You do feel a little warm, love."

"Maybe I should take my temperature." Louis got the thermometer from the bathroom and took it with him into the kitchen. He put it under his tongue as they sat down on the kitchen stools.

When it beeped, Harry grabbed it from Louis's mouth. "It's 100.8, babe. You've got a fever. Do you feel bad?"

"Yeah, a little. I was really wanting to go to the party." Louis held his head with his hand, elbow against the counter.

"I know, but you really shouldn't go anywhere tonight, not with a fever," Harry said, rubbing Louis's back.

Harry finished with the cookies while Louis sat and looked on, feeling worse as the time passed. He was starting to lose his appetite, and watching Harry take a bite out of one of the cookies got his stomach churning. When it got bad enough, he ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet, the acid burning his throat on its way up. Harry followed him in, patting his back gently as Louis spat out the sickness.

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