Stage Diving Fail-Harry

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The fans were screaming and Harry was really feeling the euphoria. It was the ending of the last song, and no one was quite ready yet to finish out the concert. Filled with adrenaline and without really thinking, Harry leapt off the stage and into a crowd of girls.

Harry thought it would feel like flying, that he would then be crowd-surfing the whole arena. It wasn't so, however. The girls barely managed to catch him before the weight of his body was too heavy for them, and he fell from their hands, straight onto his stomach. Ouch!

The pain came just seconds later, a sharp twinge in the wrist and two painful knees later. He knew he was going to be sore for a while. His face grew red and hot.

The girls were quick with their apologies and helped him up, and Harry, feeling rather embarrassed and stupid, turned quickly around and faced the stage. Louis was leaning over with an outstretched hand, laughing at him.

Louis helped him up on the stage, his cheeks upturned in a wide smile. Harry had hoped that no one had seen what he did, especially Louis, but it looks like he had seen it all. He moved his wrist and frowned. It really hurt, but he didn't want to tell Louis about it. He would probably only make fun of him for it, and he was already majorly embarrassed.

Harry just continued singing like nothing was wrong, and it didn't seem like Louis suspected a thing. When the song was over, the boys ran off the stage, down the hall, and into the tour bus.

"Man, did you lads see Harry try to stage dive?" Louis said, chuckling.

Niall's face lit up. "Yeah, didn't go very well for ya did it, mate?" He laughed as well as he looked at Louis for an answer.

"Hey," Harry said defensively. "Well, at least I was brave enough to try it."

Louis put an arm around Harry's shoulder. "Guess you're just a little too hot to handle aren't ya, babe?"

Liam and Niall made a searing noise and everyone laughed.

"Well, I'm thirsty. I don't know about you guys." Niall reached down at their feet and handed everyone a water bottle.

Harry caught his with his good hand and then just stared at it. How was he going to open it? His wrist was killing him right now. He watched everyone twist the cap off their bottle, and the action made him cringe inside because it looked so painful for him to do.

It was too bad that he was so thirsty. "Hey, Lou, open this for me while I use the bathroom?"

Louis mumbled something like a complaint and then Harry went to the bathroom. He sat on the toilet and pulled down his pants. His eyes widened at the look of his knees. They were both really purple, the dark bruises already forming. He touched them and they were very sensitive and sore. Even bending them hurt a little.

He did his business in the bathroom and then pulled up his t-shirt. There were no bruises, but his stomach was a little sore, too. Not wanting to keep them waiting, Harry returned to the couch and thankfully, Louis had unscrewed the top off his water bottle and Harry was able to take a drink.

The boys began snacking, opening up jars of salsa and bags of chips. Harry was able to eat, but he had to be careful not to show that he was in pain. He laughed, joked, and ate just like the rest of them, but he kept his wrist steady, placed on his lap. The pain was only getting worse. It ached no matter the fact that he wasn't moving it.

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