Building Collapse-All Boys Injured

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If curiosity killed the cat, it's a wonder these boys survived the night. They should've turned back, told Niall, why, no, that's a dumb idea. Let's not.

That, however, is what makes life fun, right? To resist something so tempting wouldn't be an adventure, and what kind of celebrity's life was it without some crazy, spontaneous shenanigans. It all started after a night on the town with some drinking and bar hopping. It helped the boys loosen up before the gig the following night. As they were walking around, they came to a large field with a dilapidated building.

"Hey, what's that over there?" Liam asked, pointing to it.

"I don't know. Looks kinda like an old school building maybe?" Niall suggested.

Louis and Harry were holding hands, clasping their fingers together tightly. "Looks kind of spooky," Harry said. He'd never admit it, but he had a fear of anything scary, and Halloween was not one of his favorite holidays.

Instead of walking away from it, everyone started following Niall as he made his way towards it. "Well, hey, why don't we explore it?"

"Explore?" Liam said, shaking his head in disagreement. "Are you crazy? That place could be crawling with mice or—"

"Or spiders," Harry interrupted. Louis smiled at him. Harry was scared of all kinds of bugs and creepy crawly things, but Louis didn't mind one bit killing them for him when Harry's random screams got his attention.

"Why not? Maybe it's haunted," Niall said, and he picked up the pace so they were sprinting their way inside, trudging through the neglected knee-high grass. He pushed on the door, and to their astonishment, it swung open. It was like an open invitation.

Liam looked behind him at Louis and Harry with a questioning expression. Louis just shrugged his shoulders and took in a deep breath as they all entered the building.

The air was stale and musty. Niall found a light switch, but it didn't do anything. The boys got out their phones and turned on the flashlight. Cobwebs hung over corners of the room and if they weren't careful, got caught in their hair and faces as they walked.

"Ew, this is gross. Why are we still here?" Harry complained, brushing the spider web from his cheek. There were boxes and old school desks and chairs lying around, some laying down on their sides like they had been thrown there carelessly. Layers of dust covered everything they touched.

There was a spiral staircase to the side of the room that Niall was eagerly awing over. "Mates, I'm gonna go upstairs. Anyone else wanna come?"

"Niall, be careful," Liam said.

"Why don't you stay down here?" Louis said. "I don't know if we should split up."

"I'll just be a couple minutes," Niall said, ignoring them. He laughed as he slowly crept up the creaking stairs. It wasn't just the stairs that were noisy. The whole entire second floor seemed a bit. . . unsteady. Every foot he put down made a pathetic groan. Niall slowed down his pace but kept on walking.

The place was a mess. It's like they used the second floor as a huge storage room. It was filled from floor to ceiling with textbooks and heavy boxes of who knows what. There were also several large teacher desks and globes placed everywhere, in no kind of orderly fashion.

He thought he saw something scurry in the shadows. Was it an animal? Maybe Liam's idea about mice was true. He moved to go find out what it was when the floor below his feet began to give way. His foot first went through the wooden, decaying floor and he found himself falling down to the first floor. The whole ceiling went along with him, crashing down on the boys below. Niall screamed.

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