Scouting/First Aid-Louis

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Louis's mother was making him attend Boy Scouts.


He did it last year and the year before that and went out on all the campouts, but only because his mother made him. She said it was to help him become a man and to teach him how to be responsible. This year it was going to be bigger and the camp area was going to be an hour from Louis. He didn't mind earning the badges, but he wasn't too keen on camping out.

You'd have thought that since Louis was gay that he would enjoy going, but he never met anyone he was attracted to.

Until now.

The boy with the curly hair had stolen his thoughts, making him forget why he was dreading coming. They sat there on the gym floor of a church, waiting to begin as more and more teenage scouts flooded the room. Louis recognized a few of them.

The beautiful boy sat just a few feet behind him, towards the right. His eyes roamed from the people coming in to studying the dirt on his shoes. He looked a bit nervous and alone. Louis couldn't help turning around to catch a peek at him. He was one of the few boys who wasn't wearing a scout uniform. Instead, he was wearing a plain white shirt that fit snuggly on his small frame and dark green shorts. His eyes! Oh, they were a deep shade of emerald green, and he had the nicest body he'd ever seen- nice and lean, yet muscular.

Louis turned his attention now to the scout director as he started the meeting. "It's nice to see all of you today. We have a short time together tonight, so let's go ahead and get started." Throughout the evening, the man taught them about first aid and what to do when someone gets hurt during a campout.

"And that's what you would do if someone were going into shock," the director said after a lengthy discussion as they all listened quietly. "And now, it's onto actual practice. I'd like all of you to pick a partner and you will then demonstrate these first aid techniques on them." When people hesitated, he said again, "Don't be shy. Get up and make a friend and pair up."

Loui's heart almost jumped out of his chest. Did he dare ask that cute stranger? He slowly turned around and casually made it look like he was looking around at all his options, but there was only one he was really interested in. He watched the boy looking both directions until he happened to stop on Louis's face. Louis smiled and to Louis's surprise, the boy smiled back.

Louis motioned his arms to gesture towards himself and the boy and he said, "You wanna?"

"Yeah, ok," the boy said, and he got up to join Louis.

He was even more handsome up close and he smelled good as well. "So, what's your name?" Louis asked.

"Harry.  You?" the boy said.

"My name's Louis Tomlinson. Nice to meet you."

"Okay," the instructor said. "Now that we're all partnered up, let's begin treating each other for a broken arm."

The boys looked down at the supplies that were handed out to them. "Who wants to go first?" Harry asked.

"I guess I can," Louis said. "Wanna be my victim?"

Harry laughed softly. "Okay, just don't hurt me."

"Well, you kinda already are," Louis said as he laughed. Louis picked up the items on the floor and asked, "Okay, Harry. Where does it hurt?"

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