Louis's Sick While Harry's Away

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"So when do you come back?" Louis asked Harry for the millionth time that day.

Harry smiled, grabbing Louis's hand. "It'll only be for three days. Don't worry, love. It'll go by like that," Harry said, snapping his fingers.

Harry's cousin was getting married, and she wanted him to be there for the ceremony, and it was in California. The boys were currently in London, on a break from touring. Harry wanted Louis to come with him, but management denied the request. It was too risky, they said, to have them be together.

Harry put the last few items into his suitcase, zipping it all up. Louis sighed.

"I know, Lou, but it's time for me to go. I fought management about it. You know I did," Harry said, bringing him into an embrace.

"I know you did," Louis said over his shoulder. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you, too. I love you," Harry said.

"I love you, too," Louis said as they broke apart. The car was waiting for him to take him to the airport, so Harry needed to hurry.

"Call me every day!" Louis said as Harry opened up the door to their shared home in London.

"You know I will. Bye!" Harry called out one last time, shutting the door and meeting with the driver.

Now Louis was all alone. He pulled out a tissue from his pocket to wipe his runny nose. He wasn't crying, but his nose had been runny the last two days, and his throat started feeling raw and scratchy that morning. He hoped he wasn't getting a cold or something. That would just be his luck.

What to do to fill up this time? He didn't have any plans with the boys because they were all on a break. That meant no interviews or concerts or anything like that. He was looking forward to it, but he wished he could be with Harry during it.

Louis turned on the TV since there was nothing else to really do. He put on the guide channel and picked a show, settling on one of his favorites. It was a comedy, but it didn't seem to be as funny without Harry to laugh with. Even so, he continued watching. When that show was over, he channel- surfed the rest of the evening until he decided to call it a night and turn in a little early.

He was unusually tired that evening. He took off his shirt and jeans and got into bed, missing Harry as he saw the empty side of the bed. Before he could get too sad for his absence, Louis was out like a light. It was during the middle of the night at 3am that he woke up feeling really strange. He knew right away that something was off about him.

He turned over in bed, and he could tell he was sick and also quite achy. Louis groaned. He immediately, out of habit, turned to see Harry next to him, but he wasn't there. A feeling of dread washed over him. He was going to have to do this alone. As he tried to fall back asleep, nausea overtook him. He tried to pull through it as he lay there, but the feeling of sick just got stronger.

He threw back the duvet and quickly ran to the master bathroom, throwing up everything he ate last night. He threw up three more times until the sick feeling left him, at least for a while. He washed himself up and slowly made his way back to bed, groaning as he got in.

By morning, he still didn't feel any better. The room was lit up by sunlight, and he looked over at the clock. Hm. He had slept 'til 9:30am. He was glad to have been able to sleep for that long considering how awful he felt. He got up to use the bathroom, his body quite heavy-feeling. He felt like he was weighed down by lead. He put on a robe and grabbed a few tissues from the bathroom, stuffing his pockets with them.

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