Louis Falls off Stage

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''Whatcha doin', mate?" Niall asked Liam as they were preparing for the concert that night. Niall had just finished getting his hair done and Liam had been spending a long time over at the sink.

''Just filling up my water guns. Gotta get Louis back for last time,'' he said with a laugh.

Niall sighed. ''Oh, you guys. Always making trouble.'' He left with a smile, back to the dressing room to get something to snack on.

Pretty soon, all the boys joined him, munching on pistachios, chocolate covered raisins, almonds, and m&m's. Louis sent out a tweet that said, ''Let's go, Baltimore!" He was excited for the concert, as always. It was always a good time. Before hitting the stage, he took one last swig of his Dr. Pepper and joined the others.

They had their mics in hand, and they came out singing ''Girl Almighty.'' They sang a couple more songs and then Harry told some jokes to the crowd for entertainment. It was during his solo that Louis felt a sudden stream of wetness hit his cheek. He quickly looked over in the direction that the water came from, and there was Liam, laughing his face off. Louis just smirked and continued singing, knowing fully well that his time would come. He'd get him for that.

Louis ran over to Liam, who was using Harry as a shield. He took the lid off his water bottle and flung half the contents on Liam's head, getting some on Harry as well. Liam retaliated by squirting his gun in his direction, but the pathetic stream was nothing in comparison of Louis's bottle. The two boys played around most of the night, stopping to reload their ammo and sometimes attacking Niall and Harry, too.

Niall looked over at them at one point to see Louis, who was standing a few feet from Liam, pointing to his face as Liam aimed his gun, trying to send the stream into his gaping mouth. This caused Niall to bend over in a fit of hysterics.

''For our next song, this is 'No Control,''' Harry announced. Liam came over to him with a mischievous grin on his face, and placed a hand on his shoulder. He pulled something large out of his pocket and showed it to Harry, putting a finger to his lips. Harry managed a slight chuckle, but was actually getting pretty annoyed and jealous at what they were doing.

Harry watched as Liam snuck over to Louis, his one hand holding the bottle behind his back. The boys continued to sing as Liam pulled out the silly string. Leave it to Liam to enter full-on-attack-mode right as Louis was about to begin the chorus. As he began to sing, Louis eyed the can in his hands, his eyes growing wider once he realized what it was.

Harry and Niall were both laughing now, wondering how Louis was going to sing and dodge the string simultaneously. To their dismay, he wouldn't be able to.

Louis quickly took two steps backward, hoping that would keep him out of the line of fire. But as he put his foot down, he felt nothing but air.

There was nothing keeping him from falling four feet off the stage, crashing down to the hard-wood floor below. He didn't realize how close he was to the end of the stage. His body jolted as it hit the cold, hard ground and he let out an involuntary grunt, the air leaving his lungs in one quick succession.

Harry's smile was turned to fear as he saw the poor boy disappear from sight. In a panic, he leapt off the stage and flew to Louis's side, the music continuing to play their song, but no one was singing.

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