Harry Sick at the Studio

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Here is my story about Harry being sick.  This was a request by Larrybieberdreams.  

Could you write one where Harry wakes up with an awful sore throat and fever and ear ache but still has to go to the studio so Louis tries to help him get through the day? - larrybieberdreams

Requests are still welcome!!  :)

''Beep, beep. Beep beep. Beep beep!"

It was a new day, and Louis's alarmclock was blasting Harry out of his troubled sleep. He had a hardtime sleeping last night, his mind not wanting to shut itself down. All night he felt like his unconscious mind could at any point reachthe surface once more, throwing away any kind of hope for deep,undisturbed sleep. He had struggled getting comfortable because hisleft ear hurt when he layed on it, thus forcing him to interchangebetween his back and right side.

Louis stirred in his sleep.

How long was he going to let the alarmgo, Harry thought, annoyed.

''Lou, shut it off," Harry whinedgroggily. He peaked over at Louis, who was looking at the clock,rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

''Guess we better get up. We've got abusy day," Louis said tiredly as he got out of bed and put on hisslippers. ''You can get ready first and I'll make breakfast."

Harry sat up. He felt a little dizzyand a bit cold. ''Louis," he whined. "I'm freezing!" he said,rubbing his arms. After he swallowed, he realized his throat hurtpretty badly as well. ''And I've got a sore throat."

''Oh, Harry. You're not trying to getout of going to the studio today, are you?" Louis questioned with ahand on his hips and a disapproving tone.

Harry couldn't believe what he washearing. He never put up a fight about their busy schedule. Herather enjoyed being busy most of the time. ''No, Louis. I don'tfeel good."

''Alright, let me check," he said,walking around the bed to Harry. He placed his hand on Harry'sforehead and gasped. ''You are rather warm. I think you have afever. Let me text Paul and see if you can stay home today. Maybeyou can practice your part later." He texted Paul but withinseconds, Paul said that management said he needed to be there becausethere was no time to make it up later. So there was no getting outof it.

Harry sighed, placing his head in hishand.

"I'm sorry, babe. If it were mydecision I would stay home and take care of you," he said, leaningin to kiss his forehead. ''Gosh, love, you are really warm. I'll goget some medicine."

He returned with some Ibuprofen and aglass of water, which Harry swallowed in one big gulp. ''Ow, thatdidn't feel too good," he said, rubbing his throat.

Louis gave a light chuckle. "It'llbe okay. It should help with the fever and sore throat," he said,rubbing Harry's back.

''And my ear?" Harry asked.

''What's wrong with your ear? Does ithurt, too?" He ask, concerned.

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