Harry Gets Shot

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This is for Saraalmu .   (The prompt being that Harry gets shot on stage).


Just by the way, the idea for this mostly came from all the crime shows I watch...but yeah, I guess it is similar to the Grimmie incident, so please don't read if you think it'll be offensive, because it's definitely not aiming to be.....I just liked the prompt of Harry getting shot on stage and was excited to give you something intense.  So yeah, you've been warned, I guess. Don't read unless you want to.  

Words: 4,210

The boys were doing their meet and greet one evening before their concert. As always, they were having a great time. Sure, it was a bit stressful having to take pictures with everyone and sign autographs, but they enjoyed the attention.

"Louis, you're my favorite!" a young girl about ten years old said. There were tears in her eyes. "I love you so much!"

"Oh, don't cry love," Louis said lovingly. "Here, let's take a picture together, yeah?"

The girl nodded as Louis took her phone and snapped a selfie of them. It was a sweet gesture, and the girl ran off to her mother after giving Louis another quick hug. Louis smiled, glad to have made the girl so happy.

The line continued moving slowly and he glanced over at Harry who was sitting next to him. Harry was smiling for a camera, giving off a thumbs up. Another moment later, Louis was back to greeting the next fan in line.

Harry sat back down as he said hello to the next crying girl in line.

"Harry! You're the best! I just love you so much!" the teenager squealed. "Can I take a pic with you?"

"Sure, love," Harry said gently, stepping closer to her, the only thing between them being the table. After the picture, he thanked her and told her he hopes she enjoys the concert. He had a few seconds of a break as the fans were talking to Liam and Niall at the end of the table. He scanned the crowd, looking at all the people. It was full of moms and daughters and their friends.

There were a few men in the line, and one of them caught his attention. He was probably in his mid to late 30's Harry guessed, and he just seemed a bit out of place. It seemed like he came alone since the girls surrounding him weren't talking to him. Usually girls brought their dads, so maybe he was a dad, but there was just something off about him.

He was a tall, skinny guy, a bit nerdy looking and balding, and he had sunglasses sitting on the top of his head. There was just something Harry didn't like about him.

Harry continued greeting the fans, giving them smiles and taking pictures until he had forgotten about the weird person in line. But fifteen minutes later, he looked up and did a double-take, as the man was now in front of him. "How are you, sir?" Harry asked, trying to be polite, because he was polite to all people, no matter how different they may be.

"You look very different in person," the man said softly. Harry could hardly hear him speak.

Harry laughed. "Thanks, I guess?"

"Your eyes are so green, so dark," he said, staring into them. He was starting to creep Harry out big time.

"Did you want a picture?" Harry asked, not knowing what else to say, and he just wanted the guy to move on.

"Yes, that would be lovely," the man said, taking his phone out of his pocket. He stood next to Harry and got as close to him as he possibly could. Harry felt the man's hand snake around his waist and his fingers brushed along his torso slowly as he did so, as if he was savoring the feeling of touching Harry's body. Harry shivered slightly at the contact. The man finally moved on after the picture, leaving Harry to sigh in relief.

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