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Hey!  Here's another sick fic for you.  I decided to do Louis this time.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.  I love hearing back from my readers.  Love you all!!  Hope you're having a wonderful new year!  And remember, if you have a sick fic request, let me know!

Harry and Louis were on the couch,playing a Nintendo football game. They had had a busy day and thiswas something they looked forward to doing every night to help themwind-down.

''Come on, Louis! Pass the ball to me. I'm open!" Harry yelled. The game was getting intense. They onlyhad two more goals to score before their team won.

Louis didn't say a word, but he did asHarry said, hoping he could help them to win the game. He scootedover the Harry and laid his head on his shoulder.

Harry tore his eyes off of the screenfor a split second to look down at Louis. He smiled. ''That'sright, come on!" he said enthusiastically, hitting the buttons onhis controller quite furiously. ''Louis, you're being awfully quiet. Are you okay?"

Louis's throat was getting sorer by thehour, so he didn't want to say anything. He just shook his head intoHarry's shoulder.

Harry paused the game to check on hisman. ''Baby, what's wrong?" he asked him, face serious once more. He turned to face him.

''It's my throat. It's been sore allday," Louis admitted. ''And I'm starting to feel kind of nauseous,too."

''Had you been feeling like this allday?" Harry asked.

''No, just my throat. I just startedfeeling worse once we started playing the game," Louis said.

''Oh, Louis, you should have told me. You know I love taking care of you," Harry smiled, caressingLouis's cheek. And then he grimaced. "Louis, you're burning up!" He placed his hand on his neck and forehead, confirming that he musthave a fever. "Stay here while I get a thermometer."

Louis obeyed, not feeling well enoughto move from the couch, anyway. Louis enjoyed it when Harry tookcare of him. Louis was the man in the relationship, always lookingout for Harry, but on these rare occasions, it felt good to be takencare of by his younger husband. The thought brought a smile to hisface.

''Okay, Lou, open up," Harry said,putting the thermometer under Louis's tongue. After it beeped, hechecked it. ''102.1. Yep, you've got a bit of a fever. I'll go getyou a wet compress for your head to help cool you off."

He went to get off the couch, but Louispulled him back down. "Stay with me, Harry," he pleaded.

''Lou, I'm coming right back. Promise. Oh, let me get you medicine for your throat, too." So he left theroom to gather what he needed for Louis. He reappeared afterseveral minutes to Louis's relief. He helped him sit up to take someibuprofen and then laid him back down again and placed the cool clothon his forehead. ''How does that feel, babe?"

''Better," he said, sleepily. Hiseyes were feeling a little heavy, but he wanted to stay up to spendmore time with Harry.

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