Harry Catches Louis's Sickness

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"Hm? 'Kay, no. Funny. No, you,'' Louis mumbled in his sleep, tossing in bed. This is what Harry woke up to at five in the morning. He knew he was hearing something from Louis, but couldn't make it out. Once he was completely awake and his hearing was working, he realized that Louis was talking, saying incoherent things. He knew that this meant one thing. He must be sick.

Harry rolled over so he could face him. ''Louis?" he rasped. His voice was still groggy-sounding, eyes still tired from this early hour. Louis didn't even stir, so he said his name again, louder this time. ''Louis? You awake? You okay?" He gave Louis's shoulder a gentle shake, his fingers grazing his neck. He was burning up.

Louis awoke this time. ''Harry?"

Harry looked over at his husband who was rubbing his eyes. They looked tired and dull, his face pale.

''Are you okay?" Harry repeated, rubbing his warm back.

Louis shook his head. ''I don't feel good,'' he said quietly. His whole body was sweaty, his hair stuck to his forehead.

''Wait here, love. I'm gonna get a thermometer.'' He returned after a few seconds and took his temperature. It was 103.1. ''That's not good, Lou. We've got to cool you down.'' He reached out for Louis to help him out of bed. Once Louis was standing, he felt really dizzy and wobbly. ''Whoa, babe. I've got you.'' Harry kept his hands on his torso, steadying him.

Once they were a few feet from the bathroom, nausea suddenly overtook his body, and Louis dashed to the toilet and tossed up the toilet seat lid. He began throwing up everything in his stomach until there was nothing left to throw up. Harry stayed outside the bathroom to let him have his privacy. He knew Louis didn't like it too much when he watched. Pretty soon, Louis was dry heaving, but less often now, so they knew he would be done soon.

Harry drew him a cool bath and helped Louis in, cupping his hands to spill some water over his heated shoulders and back.

Harry let him relax as he left the room to find him a change of clothes and underwear. After ten minutes, he helped Louis out of the tub and change into clothes. ''Are you feeling any better?" He allowed Louis to lean up against him as Louis put on his pants, shivering.

''Not really,'' Louis said, slipping a shirt over his head. ''I'm so cold,'' he said, his teeth chattering.

He took his temperature again and the bath seemed to help a little. ''It's 102.4 now. Went down a degree at least.'' As they were preparing to leave the room, Louis once again had to release the contents of his stomach. He dry heaved several more times without anything coming up. He stayed on his knees for a couple minutes to allow the feeling to pass, with Harry having left for a moment to grab a blanket from the closet.

When he was ready, he allowed Harry to lift him from the floor and they sat together on the sofa, with Louis laying down with his head on Harry's lap. ''I'm so sorry you don't feel good, Boo,'' Harry said, running his fingers through Louis's hair. ''Here, I grabbed you a blanket. I can feel you shivering.'' He spread open the blanket and draped it across Louis's body.

''Thanks,'' Louis said. He immediately felt better, the blanket shielding him from the coldness his fever was producing. He snatched the end of it, pulling it up to his neck. He shifted onto his side, closing his eyes.

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