Harry Needs CPR

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DirectionerMendes suggested that I do another CPR fic, but with Harry.  I thought it was a great idea.  

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"So I think we should do something fun this weekend. What do you guys think?" Niall said as they headed out of the studio. They had written songs and then recorded parts of them all day, and they were tired. It was now 8pm, and all anyone wanted to do at this point was to go home and chill.

It was summertime, and the weather had been hot lately. They stepped outside of the double doors, into the fresh muggy air. This gave Liam an idea. "What if we went white water rafting tomorrow? It's been so hot lately, and I think it could be fun," Liam suggested.

"Well, I've never been before," Harry said, "so yeah, I'm down." Once all the boys agreed, they decided that they would meet up for breakfast the next morning in the hotel lobby, and then they would drive 20 minutes to the place where they could rent the rafts.

Harry and Louis went home after saying goodbye to the others and plopped themselves straightaway on the couch to unwind, putting on the TV. Harry leaned into Louis as Louis put his arm around his baby.

"Tired, love?" Louis asked him, running his fingers through Harry's silky locks.

"Yeah. It's been a long day." Harry could've fallen asleep right then and there as Louis played with his hair. It felt so nice and soothing. He began to close his eyes but tried to fight the fatigue so he could enjoy this alone-time with Louis. Louis continued stroking Harry's hair as Harry kept his head on Louis's shoulder.

Sleep finally took over as Harry felt his eyelids close for the final time. Louis continued watching the show until the credits began to roll. He glanced down at Harry to see him asleep and smiled. He looked so peaceful. He even had a smile on his face in his sleep. As much as he didn't want to, he needed to wake him up so they could both get to bed.

"Harry," Louis whispered. "Time to get up."

Harry jerked and opened his eyes slightly, looking confused.

"Come on, love. Let's go to bed properly." Louis began to scoot forward as Harry blinked his eyes several times, trying to wake himself up. Then they brushed their teeth before climbing into bed, setting their alarm clock.


They got up around 8 and met Niall and Liam for breakfast. There were bagels, waffles, yogurt, and cereal. They loaded their plates and sat down, except for Niall. He was waiting on his waffle to get done cooking. In the meantime, he ate a buttered piece of toast as he stood next to it.

"How are you guys half done eating already?" Niall asked, joining his mates at the table five minutes later. Besides the waffle, his plate was filled with yogurts, fruits, sausages, and bacon.

"Because we didn't load our plates and wait on a waffle," Liam said matter-of-factly.

Niall ate a grape before replying. "But it smelled so good. I had to make one."

"It's okay," Harry said between bites of his bagel. "We need energy if we're gonna be out on the water all day."

"True," Louis said. He picked up his orange and began peeling it, squirting himself in the eye, as well as Harry.

"Hey, watch it!" Harry said, rubbing his shirt where the juice was spilled.

"Sorry," Louis apologized. "So hey, Liam, how'd you hear about the rapids?"

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