School Shooting-Louis

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I guess this is possibly triggering since this has actually been happening in schools lately, so only read if you want.

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Bang, bang, bang!

Louis closed his eyes, pulling his head further down into his knees as he covered his head. He was trembling. This wasn't supposed to happen. School was supposed to be a safe place. Instead of taking the history test like he was so not looking forward to doing, he was stuck in his classroom hiding under his desk in the corner of the room with the rest of his classmates.

He'd much rather be taking that history test right now if he could have it any other way.

They'd been hiding like this for the last ten minutes. At first it just sounded like fireworks, but once the gunfire didn't stop and they heard several screams from outside the hallway, they knew something horrible was happening.

Another shot was fired, followed by a 20 second pause. Louis's heart was racing and his palms sweaty. A girl to his left looked up at him in fear. There were tears in her eyes and she was sobbing.

Louis reached out his hand and put it on top of hers. "It's gonna be alright," he whispered to her. It only made her cry harder.

Louis couldn't help but to shed a few tears himself. Were they going to get out of this alive? Then he wondered about Harry. He was in class on the floor above him. As far as he knew, Harry might be dead right now. He shuddered and wept. The girl turned to him and gripped his hand in a tight squeeze.

Several minutes went by and Louis saw his teacher get up from the floor. "Class," Mr. Thomas said softly. All eyes went to him, clinging for some kind of direction. The atmosphere in the room was heart wrenching. Everyone was crying and holding hands and several students were bunched together in a tight hug. "We need to get outside."

Mr. Thomas figured that since they hadn't heard any guns go off in a while, then it must be okay to move. They were just ten feet from the outside entrance, so if they could escape quickly, then at least they'd be out of the school and hopefully on their way to freedom. Everyone looked at him, too scared to move. He continued speaking. "We'll run out the door quietly."

No one wanted to protest or say anything, so everyone nodded and got to their feet. The teacher opened the door quietly and the students sprinted out, into the hallway and straight out the door to the outside. They ran into the massive grassy field at the back of the building.

Louis breathed a sigh of relief once he made it out. Once his feet hit the pavement, be bolted, pushing past all the kids, trying to put as much distance as he could from the school. He got several yards from the school when his feet tripped over themselves and he fell to the ground in a heap. No one bothered helping him up as they were too absorbed into saving themselves.

He put the palms of his hands on the ground, pushing himself up. He moved his feet in a way to stand, but quickly stopped when pain shocked his ankle. He tried again. He put his foot down, hoping to at least limp his way to safety, but it was no use. He couldn't hold himself up. He got back down on all fours and began crawling. He winced from the pain as each lift of his foot hurt his ankle.

He was going far too slowly. More and more students were running past him through the field, getting as far away from the school as they could. Another shot rang off in the distance. Was the shooter outside now? Louis gasped. He started crawling again, the pain tearing through his foot with each shift of his leg. He was breathing heavily and sweat was trickling down his chest.

He looked up when he heard his name. It was Harry. Louis smiled with relief when he saw him running towards him. "Louis, are you okay?" He felt his large hands encircle his torso, lifting him up. He was now standing on two feet but didn't place any of the weight on his bad ankle.

Two more shots were fired somewhere behind them and Louis stumbled. Harry caught him in the chest before he had a chance to fall. "Can you walk?" Harry shouted urgently.

Louis sniffled, trying to hold back the tears. He shook his head as no words seemed to form in his brain. Harry swiftly lifted Louis up under the legs, holding him tightly against his body. He ran with him, all the way through the grass and into the parking lot. Harry smelled like a mixture of sweat and cologne and his shirt was damp with perspiration, but so was Louis's.

Harry hid themselves behind a large red truck, putting Louis down to rest his muscles.

"Harry, what do we do?" Louis asked. They didn't have a vehicle.

"I don't know," Harry said. "Just wait here I guess until we can catch a ride out of here." He looked at Louis, who was shaking. He pulled Louis into a hug, kissing his forehead. They both jumped when they heard two more bullets fired. It seemed closer than before. "Duck."

Louis yelped with pain as he squatted down further, which meant putting pressure on his hurt ankle. Louis leaned into Harry as Harry's arms went around him.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked him quietly as they sat on the pavement by the truck's front tire.

Louis nodded, although the pain in his ankle had him feeling woozy. He was sweating a lot and his stomach felt sick. He sank to the side and vomited. Harry rubbed his back as he vomited again.

"It's gonna be okay," Harry reassured him, rubbing circles all along his back and shoulders.

Louis, feeling a bit better after that was out of his system, leaned into Harry, groaning from the pain which was still very much there.

"Louis, what's wrong?" Harry asked.

"My ankle," he said, wincing.

Just then, a tall, muscular guy interrupted them. "Guys, get in!" he said, motioning to his truck that they were hiding behind. "We gotta get outta here. I can take you home."

Harry was relieved that someone had saved them. He stood up and then helped Louis to stand and hoisted him up carefully into the back seats. Once Louis was in, the other two boys got in and the car was started and soon, they were on their way to freedom.

After a couple minutes, they were outside of the school's property and were taken home. Louis was taken home first and Harry got out with him. He decided to call his mom and let him know he was okay and that he was staying over at Louis's for a while.

The shooting was all over the news that evening. It was even playing at the doctor's office where Louis was taken to to see about his broken ankle. That night, Harry and Louis cuddled up to each other at Louis's house as they and Louis's parents watched the news and discussed with them all that had occurred that day.

The cops had come and were able to catch the shooter, but not before three classmates were killed and six were injured.

Harry intertwined his fingers with Louis's. "We're so lucky we were able to get to safety when we did."

"Yeah," Louis said. He winced as another jolt of pain caught him off guard. "Just too bad I have to wear this for a month," he said, gesturing to his cast.

"Well, a broken ankle's not too bad. I'd take that over you getting shot," Harry said.

School was closed for the rest of the week, which gave everyone more time to recuperate, and Harry and Louis got more time to be together. 

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