Louis Fakes Being Sick

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This is a request by liliLambert.  This is one of my longer sick fics.  I actually had to think quite a while on how I wanted this plot to go since there're so many ways you can take it.  Hope you like it.  Leave comments/votes!

Louis glanced over at Harry again. He was putting his arm on Liam's shoulder, having some kind of good laugh between the two of them. That's the fifth time this week that Louis caught him fooling around with the other boys. He was getting pretty jealous. He knew that Harry was a flirt, but did he have to do it so often?

''Sing along if you know this one," Niall said to the crowd. "This is The Story of my Life." The music started and the crowd screamed even louder. Louis was grateful for their ear protection. They all played with the fans, getting as close to them as the barriers allowed them to. Then Niall and Harry grabbed their water bottles. Louis kept a close watch on Harry to see what he would do. But now it was time for Louis's solo, so he began to sing.

And I'll be gone gone tonight,

the fire beneath my feet is burning bright...

The whole duration of his solo, he kept his eyes on the two of them. He saw Harry chase Niall around with his water bottle, drenching him from head to toe. Niall of course retaliated, giving him a taste of his own medicine. It was all a little too playful and too fun for Louis's taste. He made his way over there halfway through his solo and gave Harry a stern look. Harry just glanced at Louis and frowned, causing him and Niall to stop their fighting.

When they were in between songs, Harry whispered to him, "Lou, you don't have to be jealous. It doesn't mean anything."

''I know. But I still don't like it," Louis responded.

Harry thought he needed to be more convincing. "I'm in love with you, Lou. Not them. I promise," he said, fingering his ring.

Louis went to bed that night thinking about what Harry said. He knew that what Harry said was genuine. He would never love someone else over him.

But at the same time, Louis was easily jealous. Harry was a flirt. He joked around all the time with the other boys and even with the fans. Louis realized that part of the reason Harry didn't play around with him was because management forbade it. No one was supposed to know that he and Harry were engaged to each other. They were kept apart from each other so often that when he saw the attention that Harry gave other people, it just made Louis's heart sink. He ached to be able to touch him, to show any kind of love for him at all in public.

He had had enough. He had reached his breaking point. He decided that right then and there, something had to change. Things would be different in the morning, and he had an idea.

''Lou, get up. It's almost 8:30," Harry said from the bathroom, putting toothpaste onto his toothbrush. They had planned to go golfing with Niall and Liam today and Harry had gotten up early so they wouldn't be late.

It was time to put his plan into action. It was now or never. ''I don't think I can go today, Harry. I feel awful," Louis said, trying his best to sound like he was sick. He rolled over to face Harry, who looked concerned.

''What's wrong?" Harry asked after rinsing out his mouth with water.

Louis thought fast. "My throat's sore and I just feel yucky." He hoped that would be good enough. Thinking some more, he added, "I might even have a fever."

''Oh, Louis. But I was really looking forward to playing golf today," Harry said, looking quite upset.

Hearing those words and seeing his face, Louis almost regretted what he was doing. But he so desperately wanted Harry all to himself that he couldn't foil the plan now. But he would feel better about giving him an option. ''Well, you can go I guess. But I kinda hoped you'd stay with me."

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