Christmas Lights Injury-Louis

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Got a Christmas themed one for ya.  I hope that you writers out there will start writing more hurt fics.  I prefer them over sickfics, and I think there's more variety with them, too.  I'd sure be happy to read them. 

By the way, this oneshot is inspired by an online news article I read about a teenage boy who was injured falling off the roof when taking down his grandfather's Christmas lights.  I decided to write it as Larry.   

Words:  2,836

"Stay safe out there," Harry called to his husband as he was washing his hands in the kitchen sink. "I'm gonna get supper started."

Louis was headed out the front door with strands of icicle lights in his hand. He had just finished detangling it and spent at least half an hour on the task. He went outside in the frigid winter weather and began to climb up the ladder. This was one thing he wasn't too fond of about Christmas. Each year he dreaded it because he hated the cold, but it was always worth it when he got to see the beautiful results of his hard work.

Harry had already put lights up around the bushes and windows, and it was always Louis's job to do the roof. He climbed to the top of the ladder and threw the lights up on the roof. Then he carefully lifted himself up on top. There were snowy patches everywhere, so he knew he had to be careful.

He inhaled and let it out, watching the white puffs of breath leave his mouth. He shuttered from the cold and began putting the first strand on the edge of the roof. He attached it in place and then shifted over a bit to add more. Out of nowhere, his foot hit an icy patch that he didn't see and his feet slipped out from under him. He almost had a heart attack.

He gasped as he started falling. He reached out and grabbed the gutters, but it bent and broke away from him. There was nothing left to stop him from falling 25 feet onto the concrete slab below him. His body made a loud thud as it hit the ground, and he lay there in a broken heap. Blood began to ooze all around him in a large pool.

A neighbor who was outside trimming his hedges heard the accident and came running over right away. The man was surprised to see Louis on the ground and started panicking. "Oh my goodness. Louis, can you hear me?"

Louis moaned.

"I'm calling 9-1-1." The man called an ambulance and then banged on Louis's front door. Harry, annoyed to be interrupted from making dinner and by the man's loud knocks, answered the door.

"Your husband's been hurt!" the man said.


"He fell over here." The neighbor showed him where Louis was and Harry followed quickly behind him.

When Harry saw Louis lying there motionless in his own blood, his knees became weak and his heart was in his throat. He ran to him and crouched down. "Louis, are you okay? I'm here!" He ran a hand through Louis's hair and began to cry. What an idiot to have left him alone outside!

At first, Louis didn't feel a thing. After he fell, he was too stunned to move. He didn't really understand what had just happened to him. Was it all a dream? Did this really happen? Did he really just fall off the roof? Hearing Harry's voice made him come out of his stupor and then he began to feel it all at once. He felt the chill in the air and his body began to shake from the cold and from the trauma, and then, that's when the pain hit.

He felt it all over his body, intense and extreme. "Harry!" Louis screamed, and then he, too, began to cry. "Oww, Harry! Harry!" he cried pathetically, whimpering and crying in pain.

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