Lifeguard Harry and Drowning Louis

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Hello Larry Lovers!  How is everyone?  I know it's been a while (almost a year!), and I pretty much gave up writing, but I realized I have never made a lifeguard oneshot, and Stranger Things 3 kind of inspired me a bit for this one.  I just thought of it so I thought why not write it?  I hope you like it.

Words: 5,695


He cleaned down his elliptical machine, wiping off the sweat. After another vigorous exercise session, it was time for a swim. His whole body was sweaty, and a pool of moisture stained the front of his shirt. He used the hand towel to wipe the sweat from his neck as another trickle ran down his chest. Breathing heavily, he headed toward the locker room.

He stripped out of his shirt and let the running water from the shower run down his body. When he was rinsed off a bit, he put on his swimming trunks and checked the time on his phone.

He couldn't have timed it better even if he tried. The lifeguard would be headed out there in a couple of minutes, replacing the girl that was out there now. He felt his stomach do a flip of nervousness as it always did when he thought about him. Louis had been going to the gym weekly to workout, but it was the hot lifeguard that kept him coming back, if he was being honest.

Louis opened the door to the outside, and his eyes instantly found the lifeguard tower, and there he was, climbing his way up to his post. Harry, his name tag read. Louis remembered when he was close enough to read it one day, and he used that information to try and find him on Facebook, but he could never find him. He's so mysterious.

Louis watched as Harry squeezed the sunscreen onto his palm. He rubbed it onto his arms, his neck, his broad shoulders, and then all over his bare chest and large pecs, gliding over his muscles in circular motions. He watched him rub even more onto his dreamy, rock-hard six pack, smoothing it over his abs until he was slick and shiny. Louis was practically drooling. Putting on his sunglasses, Harry sat back in his red chair and watched over the pool.

Louis looked down at his shorts, making sure no one could tell what he had been thinking. He moved his attention to the pool side and found a spot to store his stuff. Then he dipped his feet into the water and lowered himself in.


Harry smiled to himself. He was happy to see that that guy still returned every week. He looked forward to Saturdays just to see him. It was like clockwork. He made sure to apply the sunscreen slowly, deliberately, reveling in the thought that he was being watched. The boy thought he was being inconspicuous, but Harry knew better.

He was really cute, with his dark hair and lean build. He was no bodybuilder by any means, but he could tell he worked out, just not as much as himself. Harry liked guys that worked out. It meant they cared about their appearance, just like him.

One day, he thought he'd have the courage to finally talk to him, but it had to be good. He just had to think of a way to run into him. It had to happen naturally, or not at all. Best to not think too hard about it during his shift or he would lose his focus. 


The water wasn't bad. It had warmed up in comparison to last week as the summer grew hotter. He swam along lazily, feeling himself cool down after his work out. He wasn't a very strong swimmer, but he was tired of keeping to the shallow end of the pool. That was where the little kids and their mothers were, and if he wanted to impress the lifeguard, he needed to move away from them.

He pushed farther out with his feet and made it to the rope. There, that wasn't so bad. He was treading water, his feet having left the bottom of the floor long ago. It was, however, very tiring. He grabbed onto the rope and wiped the water from his eyes. He decided to swim to the opposite side of the pool and see if he could make it. Everyone else was swimming around him like it was a piece of cake. Why couldn't he?

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