ATV Crash--Harry

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Hope you don't mind how long it is.  I just wanted it to be really good and fluffy.  Took me a few days to write this one so hope you like it!

The boys had just finished doing a concert that night and were on the road again to their next destination. It was pretty late and they were getting themselves ready for bed.

''I call the shower next boys!" Niall shouted down the hall, a towel draped across his shoulder.

Harry and Louis were sitting on the couch, waiting for their turn to get in the bathroom so they could turn in for the night. They were pretty excited for the next day because they were going on a romantic weekend, just the two of them, that consisted of picnicking and four-wheeling.

After brushing his teeth, Niall joined them in the living area. What he saw caused him to shield his face. ''Aw, come on, guys. Can't you save it for your getaway tomorrow?"

Harry and Louis were making out on the couch, legs and bodies intertwined with each other, sucking their faces off. Niall didn't really mind it, though, but they'd been doing that even more than normal lately. Guess that's why they decided to go off together alone, Niall thought. They needed some alone time.

Harry and Louis were itching to spend some time alone together, so when they found out they would be touring near the same town as Louis's friend who owned the four-wheelers, Louis didn't hesitate to ask to borrow them for the weekend.

Harry stopped long enough to reply with, ''Nope.'' He continued pressing a couple more noisy kisses to Louis's face. ''Not really,'' he said, with no reservation.

Niall tried his best to ignore them and turned on the TV, flipping through channel after channel until he heard the bathroom door open and heard Liam step out.

"Shower's free!" Liam yelled from his bedroom area. Niall thankfully made his way toward the bathroom, the air warm and humid, but smelling of fresh lemons and vanilla.

Liam appeared in the kitchen, across from the living room from Harry and Louis. He was shirtless, wearing only a pair of shorts, drying his wet hair with a towel. ''I'm so jealous. You guys get a little holiday of your own tomorrow,'' Liam said, grabbing a cold water bottle from the fridge.

Louis was holding Harry in his arms as they watched some America's Funniest Videos. ''Yeah. I'd be jealous of us, too, if I were you,'' Louis said with a smirk.

''Haha!'' Harry laughed, his eyes never leaving the TV. ''That kitty never saw it coming.'' He laughed again and sighed. ''So cute, though.''

''Not as cute as my Harry,'' Louis said, tickling Harry's sides and shoulders, causing the younger boy to squeal.

Liam rolled his eyes as he swallowed another gulp of water. "You guys,'' he said, shaking his head with a smile. Sometimes they were just too cute. ''I'm off to bed. 'Night!"

The next morning, Liam and Niall said their goodbyes to Harry and Louis as they left to go on their trip. Louis had a friend who owned two Four-wheelers and he let them borrow them for Saturday. Louis drove the trailer that held the two ATV's and parked it in a place out in the country. There was a spacious field and a dirt trail that was used for riding.

Harry helped him unload their picnic baskets and found a shady area under a tree. They spread out a table cloth and laid out all the food.

It was mid-morning, so the day wasn't too hot, yet, and the sky was currently overcast. It looked like it was going to be a lovely day.

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