Y/N- Shopping Injured, Harry Helps You

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This was something I thought up while lying in bed this weekend.  I hope you don't mind that it's Y/N and the fact that I put it in this book.  I don't want to create a new book just for y/n since I don't even know if I'll do any more.   Don't get too excited.  I don't plan on getting back into writing again like I used to, but if I dream up something again and write it, it will always make it to Wattpad.  

Idk, maybe I shouldn't have put this in this book, but I really wanted to write this and I always post everything  I write.  I guess if I write more maybe I'll have to make another book.

Words: 890

You trudged through the grocery store, limping on your bad ankle as you looked for the item on your list. You had twisted your ankle upon leaving work that day as you went down the stairs. At the time, it didn't seem too bad. Now, however, was a different story. It was hard to walk on it and was starting to hurt a lot.

A lot of commotion stopped you from looking at the shelves. You turned your attention to the noise and in the crowd was. . . wait, hold up. You gasped as you felt your heart drop in your chest. No way.

It was Harry Styles.

In your hometown grocery store.

Your heart was racing as you strained your eyes, trying to get a better look at him. He looked even better in person. You lost him as several people were crowding near him. You hoped to see him closer up, so you slowly made your way to where he was. After a while with no such luck, and with your ankle throbbing like mad, you decided to pay more attention to finding the last couple items on your shopping list.

You limped through the aisle even slower than before since your ankle was stinging with intense pain with every step. It was getting much worse. Of course, you ignored the pain and kept going.

Toothpaste, toothpaste, you repeated, trying to find the exact aisle.

You almost tripped on your own two feet when you heard a familiar, soothing, deep voice behind you say, "Are you okay?"

You turned around only to stare into Harry Style's green eyes and curly hair. "Oh, uh, Harry! Hi!"

Harry grinned, pleased to see he had stumbled on a fan. "Can I help you with something? Are you alright?" He walked closer to you.

"I'm okay. I just sprained my ankle today at work," you said.

"Oh," Harry said, frown lines covering his forehead. "Sorry to hear that. Maybe I could help you find what you're looking for. What's your name?"

You had almost forgotten your name, but you were able to tell him. " I'm actually looking for the toothpaste."

Harry looked up to view the aisle names. "Looks like it's a couple aisles over," he said, pointing towards the left.

"Oh, thanks!" you said, and began limping along towards Harry to the end of the aisle. You tried to hold in your discomfort, but Harry seemed to notice how badly you were hurting anyway. You only made it four steps before you saw Harry's hands circling your waist.

"If I may, I mean," Harry said before actually touching you, his hands hovering your body.

Harry actually wants to help me walk??

"Oh, yeah, that'd be great," you said with a shy smile. You hoped your face wasn't too red as you felt yourself blush. Harry put his right arm around your waist and you let yourself lean up against him as you put some of your weight on him.

You were so giddy you almost passed out. The whole experience was just out of this world. Harry Styles's hand was touching you! This was every girl's dream! You allowed yourself to push into him just a little more for the full effect. Your hip brushed against his, side against his side.

A step later, a slight grunt of pain left your lips as a particularly nasty jolt of pain stabbed your ankle. You leaned into Harry even more without even thinking. Harry looked down at you and stopped walking. A moment later, you were being lifted into Harry's arms, being cradled like a baby.

You smiled as Harry asked you if this was okay. "I'm not gonna complain," you told him. Once you reached the toothpaste aisle, Harry put you down to pick out the correct brand, and then asked if you were done shopping and if he could do anything more for you.

"Actually, I need a pound of hamburger meat and I'm good," you said.

"Alright, well, come on." He bent down to pull you back up into his arms as he carried you over to the meat section. He placed you down to pick up your meat and you saw him talking with one of the butchers.

"Can I get a bag of ice, please, sir?" he asked the man. The butcher promptly returned with a zip lock bag filled with ice.

Harry handed it to you as he placed you back in his arms. "Got you some ice for your ankle."

"Harry, you're the best. Thank you!" you said, very grateful for everything he had done for you.

He even carried you out to your car after you paid for your bag of groceries. He placed you down and told you he hoped your ankle would feel better soon.

"Oh, wait, Harry. Can I get a selfie with you?" you asked.

"I don't know," Harry said, frowning. "I'm not feeling very photogenic today."

You sighed, looking down. Then you had an idea. "Well, could we maybe get a feet picture instead?"

Harry laughed. "Okay, sure."

Harry took the ice bag from your hand and placed it carefully on top of your injured foot. You then took a picture of Harry's and your shoes with the ice bag on it to remember this day forever.    

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